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Welcome to the Exclusively Weddings blog!

Providing inspiration & ideas since 1992, Exclusively Weddings offers wedding invitations, ceremony and reception accessories, wedding party gifts and favors through our Website.

We’re so glad you stopped by and we hope that you will come back often!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome/About Us

  1. I am hoping you can help me. I was looking for a crocheted shawl and stumbled across one of your posts with beautiful pictures. I am looking for the pattern of this crocheted shawl or the cost of it if I need to buy it. Although the Bride wants it in fern green it is Burgundy and on a beautiful young blond girl ice skating. It was also on a Bride in another photo. My Bride is getting married in January and I need time to make it (please if you can help I am trying to make this bride happy She lost her mother to cancer and we all are trying to help her have the wedding she dreamed of (but is missing the help of her mother with tears). Bless you for your help!


  2. We made several purchases with Exclusively Weddings and were more than happy with each purchase. The Jordan Almonds were the best and the color purple was perfect – from an Italian family – that says alot, and we also purchased the fortune cookies – they are so cute – and what my fiancee and I wrote to be placed inside was perfect – the frosting color purple and white heart are great and the taste is really good too. thanks so much for making our special day perfect……


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