30 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding for Less, Part 6

We’re half way through our series, 30 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding for Less, and I still have lots more great tips to share with you. This week I’ll cover choosing an “off season” wedding date, having your wedding during the Christmas season and using student musicians play at your ceremony instead of professionals.

January-MarchTip 16.  Instead of getting married during the typical wedding months, choose an “off season” date.  You may recall that Tip 15 covered having your wedding on a weekday or Sunday instead of Saturday. Tip 16 goes a little further to suggest that you consider choosing a date that is during the “off season” of November 1 through March 31.

The cost savings during this period is due to Read more . . .

Your Wedding Theme – Calla Lilies, Sunflowers or Daisies

Most all brides want to create a wedding that is “her own”. One way to do this is to choose a color palette that will be reflected throughout the wedding and reception. Another way to create a signature look for the wedding décor is to choose one particular flower as the centerpiece of the wedding theme. There are lots of flower options but in this blog post I will focus on Calla Lilies, Sunflowers and Daisies.

calla liliesCalla Lilies create an elegant look and are most often seen in formal or semi-formal weddings. They are available in several color choices and sizes and are the most expensive of the three flowers featured here.

One way to save money on calla lilies used in centerpieces an décor is to arrange them yourself. It is relatively simple to get an elegant look from just putting calla lilies in a vase. They don’t require a lot of expertise to arrange. And you can easily create a bridal bouquet, especially if you choose the presentation/arm bouquet style. Our Pinterest board has lots of ideas and inspiration:  Calla Lily Wedding Theme

SunflowersSunflowers work wonderfully for an outdoor or informal wedding. They look particularly lovely when paired with a bright blue or purple accent flower, as shown in the photo collage below.

They can easily be added to Mason jars and other simple vases to create a lot of wow-factor! Or they can be meticulously arranged in to a topiary or floral pompadour. There are a lot of photos of sunflowers in our Country Chic/Rustic Pinterest board:

daisiesDaisies are the least expensive of the three choices and like sunflowers, work especially well for outdoor and informal weddings. However, they can be a good choice for more formal weddings, as well. It all depends on how they are arranged, other flowers they are paired with, etc.

Sunflowers work especially well with the colors of yellow and/or green to create a fresh, summery look. Like sunflowers, they also work well as a topiary or floral pompadour.

Calla Lilies – Click to Enlarge:
Calla Lily Wedding Theme

Sunflowers – Click to Enlarge:
Sunflowers Wedding Theme

Daisies – Click to Enlarge:
Daisies Wedding Theme

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Your Wedding Colors – Peacock

Peacock Flower GirlWhen choosing colors for your wedding, if you don’t shy away from vibrant colors and if you like colors in the purple and blue families, then you might want to consider a Peacock Color Theme.

One of the most luscious color schemes for weddings, this combination can include just the “peacock colors” or it can also include actual peacock feathers in the décor.

The colors  of a Peacock Theme are turquoise, royal blue, green, and purple. The purple color can vary as shown in the color chart below from a true purple to a color that leans more toward magenta or plum. Regardless of the exact shades, the hallmark of the Peacock theme is “vibrant” blues and purples with some green, as well. There often is a little bit of gold that is used as an accent.

Peacock Color Swatches

A peacock in all his glory and a flower girl in her peacock frock. Both are gorgeous!Peacock and Flower Girl

Peacock bouquets often include actual peacock feathers as accents but it is not required.Bouquets in Peacock Colors

A tablescape in peacock colors is sure to bring ooohs and aaahs!
Peacock Tablescapes

There are lots of ways to incorporate the peacock theme in to the wedding, including food and drink, as well as the wedding cake … and purple shoes fit right in with the color scheme!Peacock Color Story

I created two color-story collages showing how a Peacock themed wedding might look. Click the photos for the full-size versions.



For more peacock color theme photos, visit our Pinterest Peacock board.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Your Color Story – Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding is one of the most important wedding planning decisions you will make because the colors you choose will be played out in your invitations, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, bouquets, cake, place cards, favors, wedding decor, reception decor and more!

So, how do you go about choosing your perfect wedding colors? Some things to consider . . .

Time of Year: The season of your wedding is always a good place to start because you probably wouldn’t want to use a spring palette of pale yellow and soft pink for a December wedding. But if you love those colors and are having a winter wedding, you can use a variation of them by using a rich yellow/gold with a deep pink. In most cases it isn’t the color you choose that will make it “work” but it is the tones of the colors.

Availability of Photos to Inspire: Another tip is to do an internet search for the colors you are thinking of using. Put your colors in to Google (be sure to include the word “wedding”) and select “Images” in the left navigation. The results should give you photos of the colors you are interested in so you can see how they look together. Also, go to Pinterest and do a search on your colors there. If you want to be able to see lots of photos of ideas as you go through the planning process, this exercise will let you know if you will have those photos available. If you don’t see many photos in Google or Pinterest in the colors you are considering, it may mean that the colors and/or combination of colors is rare and you might also have trouble finding products in those colors, as well. It will save you a lot of stress and time if you can easily find products in your color.

How the Color Looks on You:  Consider the wearability of the color. For example, if you don’t look good in yellow then it may be best not to choose yellow as a primary color for your wedding. You will be standing next to your yellow-wearing bridesmaids in photos and will likely be surrounded by the color at your reception. So choose a color that work for your skin tone, coloring, etc.

How the Color Looks on Your Bridesmaids: Do take “your girls” in to consideration. They will feel better wearing a flattering color than one they just don’t feel right in. If your favorite color happens to be one that is hard to wear, let that color be your secondary color and choose a complementary main color for your bridesmaids’ dresses.

There are nine color story collages below to help you decide on your colors or to give you ideas for colors you have already selected.

You may wonder how the colors for these collages were chosen. All of them were requests from our Facebook fans and several of them have been posted on our Facebook Page.

In the future, look for more collages of colors on Facebook and here on our blog. Subscribe to our blog (link on left side of this page) so you will get email updates when there is a new blog post.

Be sure to click on each photo to see a much larger image.

Chocolate Brown works well with Tiffany Blue. You can also pair brown with pink or mint green for a similar effect. As shown in the bridesmaids photo at top right, you can use either brown or blue as the primary color. More Chocolate Combinations

Coral and Turquoise is a luscious choice for a summer or beach wedding. The coral can be dark, almost red, or a lighter, almost pink, shade. More Turquoise Combinations and more Coral Combinations.
Coral and Turquoise Wedding

A preppy combination for spring or summer is Navy with Pink.  The bright pink plays beautifully off the rich, deep blue. More Pink Combinations and more Blue Combinations

A great combination for spring or summer and one that also adapts well to a shabby chic theme is Pink and Turquoise. The soft pink paired with turquoise lends itself well to the use of a vintage-inspired decor.
More Turquoise and more Pink Collages.
Turquoise and Pink WeddingPurple and Green combination usually draws oohs and aahs! There is just something particularly appealing about this combination. There are lots of options in the shade of purple you use. For spring or summer, the shade can be lighter and for fall you can take the purple to more of a plum color.  More Purple Collages and more Green Collages
Lavender and Green Wedding Colors

Orange With Purple works for late summer or fall. It may not be a combination that is first thought of but as you can see, it is really lovely. More Orange Collages

Purple and Orange Wedding Colors

Aaah, Purple with Silver … sophisticated and “rich”, this combination works for any season and makes a big impression! More Purple Combinations
Purple and Silver Wedding Colors

Black and White paired with another color is a classic. There is no limit to the variety of colors that work well with black and white. More Black and White Options and more Yellow Options
Yellow with Black and White Wedding Colors

And if you just cannot choose one or two or three colors and want a Rainbow of colors, you can do that, too! With a rainbow theme you do want to be careful with your colors so you don’t end up with something garish. With the right touch, a rainbow wedding can work.

We have many Pinterest boards with thousands of pins to help you with inspiration and ideas. We post new photos daily so follow us to keep us with the newest pins!
EW on Pinterest. We have a Pinterest board for all of our 100+ collages .. click here.

Collages created by Sher Silver – Exclusively Weddings

After this post was created, I added another one with lots more collages. To see it, click here.

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How to Use Mason Jars at Your Wedding

Mason Jar CandleAccording to the Ball Corporation, Jason L. Mason invented and patented Mason jars in 1858. Through all these years they have been used primarily for canning and preserving food, though other uses have evolved, as well. Made of soda-lime glass their variety of sizes ranging from cup to half-gallon makes them especially versatile for DIY projects.

They have become popular in our homes as vases, planters, pencil holders, and the like. But an unexpected use of the Mason jar has become a huge trend … Mason jars in wedding decorations. The popularity of rustic and country chic weddings has likely contributed to the Mason jar’s wedding appeal.

They make the perfect holder for wedding reception beverages. Choosing a colorful beverage and adding a coordinating straw makes for a tempting drink. They are especially useful for holding flowers for general décor, centerpieces and pew markers. For an evening wedding, you can create amazing ambience by using Mason jars to hold candles. Stringing and hanging them creates a magical scene. And your dinner and buffet tables will glow when filled with candles in Mason jars.

If you like the idea of using Mason jars in your wedding décor but need step-by-step instructions, here are three links that may be helpful. There is a tutorial on how to paint Mason jars and wire them to hang, as well as other creative projects for your wedding and for your home: Tatertots and Jello, HomeDIT, and Oh Lovely Day. Instructions for making the doily candles shown in the last collage can be found at Crafts by Amanda.

We have three Pinterest boards for Mason jars, too: Mason Jars for Wedding Decor, Mason Jars – Beverages, Mason Jars – Food.

I hope the photo collages below will inspire you to consider Mason jars for your own wedding décor.

Beverages in Mason Jars

Flowers in Mason Jars

Candles in Mason Jars

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Photo Credits: Etsy, Etsy-Treasure Again, blowoutparty.com, Crafts by Amanda, chickabug.com, iloveswmag.com, charlottegeary.com, and projectwedding.com