Your Wedding Colors – Pair Pink With a Neutral for a Groom-Friendly Palette

Ahh Pink! All little girls love pink and lots of big girls do too! It is a classic wedding color that creates a beautiful wedding palette. But let’s face it … pink can be considered a bit too “girly” by your groom and he may not feel the love for it. After all, even for babies …. pink is for girls and blue is for boys.

So, if you love pink and have always dreamed of a pink wedding, consider adding a neutral color to make it more “groom-friendly”.  The addition of a neutral such as gray, silver, brown, black or gold can make a pink wedding color more pleasing to your groom.

Pink and Gray Wedding Colors: I have to admit, I think pink and gray is a gorgeous combination! The gray really brings out the best in pink! It is especially appealing when a soft tone of pink is used, as shown below. This combination is versatile and works just about any time of year and in most all settings.

Pink and Silver Wedding Colors: If you love pink and gray but want to glam it up a bit, then use silver instead of gray. And you can always mix the two neutrals and use a pop of silver here and there with gray. I especially like pink and silver for winter weddings.
Pink_and _Silver_Wedding_Colors

Pink and Brown Wedding Colors: Pink and brown is another combination that can work in any season and in most all venues … for formal and informal weddings. This combination also looks best with a softer shade of pink to add contrast with the brown. I think it may be the most “groom-friendly” of all the combinations.

Pink and Black Wedding Colors: There is a somewhat dressy vibe with this combination and I think it works particularly well for evening weddings and for fall and winter weddings. Be sure and add white with it to help the pink and black pop!
Pink_and_Black_ Wedding

Pink and Gold Wedding Colors: The addition of gold with pink definitely makes the color palette more formal and elegant. This combination looks wonderful for an evening wedding. It can work in all seasons but I think it makes for a fresh palette for a winter wedding, too.

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Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Your Wedding Color – Pink

PinkPink! It can’t be denied … pink is a “happy color”! And since it is often referred to as the “color of love”,  it is no wonder that it is a classic and popular color for weddings.

And pink is versatile. It can be paired with a myriad of colors such as black, brown, orange, turquoise and more. And it looks great with and accent of silver or gold.

There are so many shades of pink that as you go from pastel to vibrant, you will achieve a totally different look. On the colors shown in the first photo below, you can see the wide range of shades of pink … from the softest blush pink to intense pink that is almost red.

As you choose your shade of pink, be aware that some pinks tend to be warm due to having a bit of orange in them while cool tone pinks have some purple in them.

The colors below are just a few of the pink choices available!The Many Shades of Pink

Pink is a great color for bridesmaids dresses as it is flattering to just about everyone. In the photo below Ali’s bridesmaids look adorable in their hot pink dresses. Vibrant pink is perfect for these vibrant, fun-loving gals. (Read more about Ali in an earlier blog post.)Pink 2

Pink 3

Pink 4

A luscious orchid tree is breathtaking in pink.Pink Orchid Tree

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