Your Wedding Colors – Peacock

Peacock Flower GirlWhen choosing colors for your wedding, if you don’t shy away from vibrant colors and if you like colors in the purple and blue families, then you might want to consider a Peacock Color Theme.

One of the most luscious color schemes for weddings, this combination can include just the “peacock colors” or it can also include actual peacock feathers in the décor.

The colors  of a Peacock Theme are turquoise, royal blue, green, and purple. The purple color can vary as shown in the color chart below from a true purple to a color that leans more toward magenta or plum. Regardless of the exact shades, the hallmark of the Peacock theme is “vibrant” blues and purples with some green, as well. There often is a little bit of gold that is used as an accent.

Peacock Color Swatches

A peacock in all his glory and a flower girl in her peacock frock. Both are gorgeous!Peacock and Flower Girl

Peacock bouquets often include actual peacock feathers as accents but it is not required.Bouquets in Peacock Colors

A tablescape in peacock colors is sure to bring ooohs and aaahs!
Peacock Tablescapes

There are lots of ways to incorporate the peacock theme in to the wedding, including food and drink, as well as the wedding cake … and purple shoes fit right in with the color scheme!Peacock Color Story

I created two color-story collages showing how a Peacock themed wedding might look. Click the photos for the full-size versions.



For more peacock color theme photos, visit our Pinterest Peacock board.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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