A Cake For The Groom

Groom's CakeEveryone is familiar with the traditional wedding cake and almost all couples have a sumptuous creation. Another dessert that you might want to include is the groom’s cake. The groom’s cake is a great addition to the wedding dessert selection and one that will surely delight your groom.

A groom’s cake is typically a surprise for him from his bride. The flavor is most-often chocolate and the range of designs is endless.

Designs for the groom’s cake seem to fall in to three groups. One is to have a rich, chocolate cake in a traditional shape with accents of chocolate-dipped strawberries. Another is for the cake to be decorated suggestive of a tuxedo. If you don’t want to go with the complexity of a custom design, the chocolate cake or tuxedo cake is a good way to go.

If you have access to a creative baker, you can work with him/her to design a cake with a fun theme that reflects the groom’s hobby or special interest. Even though the wedding cake tends to follow tradition, anything goes when it comes to the groom’s cake!

Choosing a groom’s cake that reflects the groom’s favorite hobby is a perfect way to include his hobby without making it part of the overall wedding décor. For example, sometimes a groom will want to have a hunting theme or race car theme but in most cases these types of themes don’t work well for a wedding and reception. Having a special groom’s cake that goes all out to showcase his theme may be the answer.

Your groom will likely be thrilled to have a cake made with him in mind and will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Chocolate and strawberries are a popular combination for the groom’s cake.Chocolate with Strawberries

A cake that is reminiscent of a tuxedo is also a popular design.Tuxedo Design Groom's Cakes

For a design that will surely “wow” your groom, choose to replicate his hobby, college team, sports team, or any other of his favorite things!Groom's Cakes

And if you want to incorporte the groom’s cake with the wedding cake, you can go with something entirely unique like this cake!Unique Dual-Purpose Cake

For more ideas for your groom’s cake, see our Pinterest board where we have over 150 cakes to inspire you. Follow our boards to make sure you are updated with our most recent pins: Groom’s Cake Board on Pinterest

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Groom’s Cake – Lots of Options

If your wedding is this Fall or Winter you have likely gotten just about everything for your reception taken care of by now … menu, decorations, seating chart, and your wedding cake. But have you designed a cake for your groom?

The groom’s cake has been around for centuries and there has been a resurgence in its popularity in the last few years.

At the wedding reception, the groom’s cake is usually sliced and served separately from the wedding cake. The rehearsal dinner is also a popular event in which to serve the groom’s cake. This way it is the center of attention, as far as cakes go!

Designs for the groom’s cake can come from such places as his favorite team, hobby, college or occupation. One way to get some ideas is to visitour Board on Pinterest.

For those who may not yet be familiar with Pinterest, it is fun site that you will surely want to use to help in your wedding planning. Once you sign up, you can set up boards and “pin” photos from others in the community or from the web. You don’t have to sign up to view the board, so take a look at what we’ve compiled!

We have  designated one of our Pinterest boards to showcase groom’s cakes. We have almost 100 ideas to help you design your own special cake for your groom.

Exclusively Weddings’ Pinterest Board – Groom’s Cakes

The Groom’s Cake can reflect his favorite team or hobby. There are lots more options to give you ideas on our Pinterest board.

Grom's Cake

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