The Beauty of Embossed Invitations

Embossed Detail of Calla Lily BeautyShopping for your wedding invitation is one of the most important tasks you will undertake as you plan your wedding. The first glimpse your guests will have of your wedding will be the invitation they receive and it will set the tone for your entire wedding celebration. Yet, for many brides, choosing a wedding invitation can be an experience filled with uncertainty and confusion. This is because there haven’t been many (if any) times in your life when you have had the opportunity of choosing a beautifully printed formal invitation. The whole process is often brand new.

As you go about the task of choosing “the one”, you will likely come across descriptive invitation terms that you may not understand. In this blog post, I’d like to acquaint you with one term, in particular: Embossing.  What does “embossing” really mean and how does it affect the look of your invitation?

Embossing is a technique in which a hand-tooled brass die is used to create an intricate design on the invitation card stock. But instead of the design being flat, it is raised to create a lovely, three-dimensional effect. When you run your hand over the design, you will feel the tactile, multi levels and complex detail. And when you look at the back of an embossed invitation, you will see how the paper has been pushed to the front to create the illusion of 3-D.

Exclusively Weddings’ invitation manufacturers use the finest hand-tooled U.S.-made dies and a close-up view of the design reveals its intricacy. The extreme detail in the design is what makes it so beautiful, even though it is in a size small enough to fit on an invitation.

The embossed design can be the same color as the paper or to further enhance its beauty, other techniques are often employed. You may see a colored ink applied prior to embossing and you may see shimmery pearlessence added to create a dazzling finish. In addition, the application of silver or gold metallic can also be added or paired with the embossed design for lots of pizzazz.

No matter how good the photography is, it is very difficult to capture the beauty and detail of embossing. Exclusively Weddings offers free invitation samples so you can see (and feel) the beauty of embossing first hand. When it comes to embossed designs, really, the bottom line is “you just have to feel it to believe it!”

The Pearl Pleasure invitation below has a pearl border that is “trapped” by a multi-level embossed frame. Lots of shimmer! The enlarged portion below shows the embossing but you have to see it in person to get the full effect of the pearl sheen.
Pearl Pleasure

Sea Treasures is embossed with a finely detailed motif, which is completely accented in pearl.
Sea Treasures

Below is sumptuous Twin Hearts … embossed and then accented in silver metallic.
Twin Hearts

Old World Elegance has a beautiful, wide embossed border with lots of detail.
Old World Elegance

Calla Lily Beauty below has a lovely and intricate embossed design.
Calla Lily Beauty

Exclusively Weddings offers free invitation samples to make it easier for you to choose “the one”!