Editor’s Pick – The 3 Best Bridal Boots for a Snowy Winter Wedding

thumbnail uggsIf you are planning a winter wedding, there is always the chance of snow and it’s best to be prepared, just in case. Yes, you have your lovely wedding shoes but you will probably be thankful to have a pair of warm boots, too!

I think that when it is snowy outside, a pair of boots somehow just looks more at one with the weather than dainty shoes! If you plan to wear boots at some point on your wedding day, there are three styles of boots that I think work really well for brides and they are  ….
Hunter Wellies

[I have provided links below for the boots featured in the collages.]

Lace-Up Boots:
Lace-Up Boots have the look of ice skates and a feminine vibe to them. They are not overly “clunky” and I think they pair really well with a wedding gown in an outdoor scenario. If this is the style you want, you probably won’t have any trouble finding lots of choices, including styles with fur trim and pom poms.

Ugg Boots: A few years ago Ugg Australia introduced a line of bridal boots but they quit offering them not too long ago. Luckily, there are some stores that still have them (see links below). If you think you want Uggs from their bridal collection, my advice is to get them now. The supply is dwindling. Of course, the regular Ugg boots are plentiful and you can even design your own. The beige pair on the last row below was created using the “Ugg-By-You” feature. Since Uggs come in a variety of colors, it will be easy to coordinate with your bridesmaids, so that you are wearing the same basic style of boots.The_3_Best_Bridal_Boots_for_a_Snowy_Winter_Wedding_-_Ugg Boots

Hunter Wellies: Hunter boots are most well-known as rain boots, but they work well in snow, also. They are a good choice if you want a boot that comes in lots of fun colors. Porcelain Blue Hunter BootsI love their Porcelain Blue color. It has a bridal look to me and can be your “something blue”. Or you may want to wear boots that match the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. You have lots of choices with Hunter boots.

Oh, in case you wonder why boots in this style are called “Wellies” … They have a long history, having been made popular in the 1800s by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington and they became “the” boot for outdoor wear by British aristocracy.
The_3_Best_Bridal_Boots_for_a_Snowy_Winter_Wedding_-Hunter Wellies

Collages created by Sher Silver.

Where to find the featured boots:
Collage 1 – Lace-Up: [Row 1] Two versions of the same boot – Ugg Australia [Row 2] ZulilyZulily – Collage 2 – Ugg Australia: [Row 2] Neiman-Marcus [Row 3] Neiman Marcus, Neiman Marcus [Row 4] Ugg Australia (Design Your Own), Zappos – Collage 3 – Hunter Wellies: Zappos

Photo credits for wedding photos:Collage Photo Credits

Festive Cocktails For Your Winter Wedding

If you are having a winter wedding, you might want to consider having a signature cocktail that reflects the season. If not for your wedding, then maybe for your rehearsal dinner, shower or for holiday entertaining in your home.

Adding a seasonal embellishment to the cocktail immediately gives it a festive air. There are three embellishments that automatically make one think of winter:

Candy Canes

Embellishing a simple cocktail with a candy cane, pomegranates or cranberries immediately makes it say “winter”!

Candy Canes can be added to your cocktail by dipping the glass rim in to crushed candy canes. Dip the rim of the glass in to marshmallow topping or something similar first to help hold the crushed candy cane in place. And you can add a whole candy cane to the glass, as well.
Candy Cane Cocktails

Pomegranates are another element that can be added to “winterize” your cocktails! They are easy to add as an embellishment as shown below.


Cranberry juice or cranberry cocktail can easily be the base for your signature drink. Cranberries look especially nice when paired with fresh rosemary as an embellishment (as shown below). Just putting cranberries on a decorative toothpick takes your cocktail up a notch!

Festive_Cocktails_for_Your_Winter_Wedding_Cranberry Cocktail

More Winter Wedding Cocktails and Wedding Cocktails on Exclusively Weddings’
Pinterest boards.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Photo Sources:  Savor Home (Peppermint Piña Colada); The Hopeless Housewife (Madison’s Peppermint Candy Cane Shake) – Pomegranate: Watson’s Catering (Reindeer Bubbles Cocktail); Ring Finger Tan Line (Christmas Tree Cocktail); Self Magazine (Recipe: Pomegranate Cocktail by Patrick Reynolds and POM Wonderful – Cranberries: Gimme Some Oven (Cranberry Margaritas); Food.com (Christmas Cosmopolitan); Creative Culinary (Cranberry Ginger Fizz)

Cozy Wedding Wraps – 5 Stylish Choices to Keep You Warm

If you are having a fall or winter wedding you may want to consider adding a wrap to  your wedding attire. It can create a new dimension to your overall look and at the same time will keep you cozy and warm.

There are quite a few wedding wrap options. Here are 5 great choices for you:

Cardigan Sweater

The style of your wrap should complement your gown and the formality of your wedding. For example, a fur stole would not be the best choice for a casual backyard wedding, but a vintage shawl would be perfect.

And don’t be afraid to add color as seen in many of the photos below. Coordinating the color of your wrap with your flowers creates a beautiful vision.

One way to create a unique look is to look in vintage shops for a wrap that will add a special touch. The last shawl in the first collage below is vintage.

When looking for photos for this post I came across a lot of Etsy sellers who make wedding wraps, so you may want to look in to that option, as well.

Take a look at the collages I created for you below and find the wrap that is perfect for you! There are more choices on our Pinterest board.

Cozy Wedding Wraps - 5 Styles to Keep You Warm - Shawl





Our Pinterest boards have lots of Autumn and Winter Wedding Ideas.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Photo Sources: Shawls: [1]Amber Sue Photography & Design [2]Peonies and  Polaroids Wedding Photography [3]Style Me Pretty/James Christianson Photography – Shrugs: [1] LuvinglyMade Etsy Shop [2]NA [3]BHLDN [4]Style Me Pretty/Carla Ten Eyck Photography – Sweaters: [1]Glamour and Grace/Woodbery Photography [2]NA [3[NA [4]Wedding Chicks [5]Style Me Pretty/Tina Wiebe Photography [6]Ruffled Blog/Haley Sheffield Photography – Capes: [1] Wedding Bee [2]Offbeat Bride [3]Avenia Bridal – Stoles: [1] Project Wedding [2] & [3]]Ruffled Blog/Laura Fair Photography [4]Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

Five Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake

If you are having a winter wedding, you may be thinking about your cake. Do you want a wedding cake that doesn’t take the season in to consideration at all or do you want to embrace the season and have a cake that will be “at one” with it? If the latter sounds good to you, I have five wonderful winter theme ideas to share with you for your winter wedding cake design:

Winter Wedding  Cake Themes:

Snowman and Snow woman


If you are having an evening wedding, a sparkly wedding cake might be a good choice to capture the season and be appropriate for your level of formality. Silver and clear crystals are especially appropriate for winter as they seem to echo ice, snow and all things wintry more than other metals.
Theme_Ideas_ for_ Your_ Wonderful_ Winter_ Wedding_ Cake_ Sparkly

The snow couple cake works well for an informal winter wedding or if you just like the idea of a snow couple. This type of cake can be whimsical and add a lighthearted touch to your cake.
Theme_Ideas_ for_ Your_ Wonderful_ Winter_ Wedding_ Cake_ Snow Couple

Gingerbread is a traditional winter treat and a gingerbread wedding cake can go from simple to sensational. There is no limit to the amount of detail you can include.
Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake - Gingerbread

The beautiful berries, pine cones, pine branches, etc. that are prevalent in winter are perfect additions to your wedding cake. If you have a plain cake you can give it a wintry theme by adding decorations from Mother Nature and voilà … you have a winter wedding cake!
Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake - Nature

Snowflakes are magical and beautiful and are a perfect addition to your winter wedding cake. They lend themselves to some sparkles, if you want sparkly snowflakes!
Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake - Snowflakes

More winter inspiration can be found on our Winter Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes Pinterest Board and Winter Wedding Ideas Pinterest Board. And our popular blog post: Five Must-Have for Your Winter Wedding.

If you’re having a fall wedding you might enjoy Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Fall Wedding.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

Click collage for large view and click again for an even larger view!

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Five Must Haves for Your Winter Wedding

I have to admit that I love winter. It says “cozy” to me and I think there is something romantic about the season, too. If you are having a winter wedding or thinking about it, here are five ideas that can set a winter wedding apart from any other.

Wintry Backdrop for Photography – When it’s cold and snowy outside, it can be the perfect time for romantic wedding photos! The photo below is one of my favorites. It just wouldn’t have the same appeal if it were shot on a bright green lawn! I love her jacket, the way she is holding her bouquet and the perfect snowy backdrop. By the way, my team and I searched the web trying to find the source for the photo but the one page that kept coming up apparently is no longer active. And I can’t help but wonder if it was from a professional photo shoot or from a real wedding!
Winter Wedding Photograph in Snow

More great wintry photos! Each one is fabulous in part because of the snow!
Winter Wedding Photos Outdoors
Blue Winter Wedding – Ingar Sørensen – Sørensen Foto, Oslo, Norway

Cozy Wrap to Wear with Your Gown – If you are having a winter wedding don’t forget to get a wrap of some kind to wear. As seen in the photos below, it can range from a sweater to cape to stole and more. The right wrap can enhance your bridal attire and look great in photos. Depending on the weather, you may also need gloves, too!
Winter Wedding Wraps

Boots for Snow/Ice/Rain – If having your ceremony indoors, your “regular” wedding shoes will be fine; but what about going to and from the ceremony? A pair of boots is the perfect solution. And if you plan this with your bridesmaids so that they wear boots, too, you will have lots of great photo opportunities. And of course, if your winter wedding is outdoors (yes, some couples do this) boots will probably be a necessity!

There are so many styles of boots that will work. Just choose something that suits your personal taste.
Winter Wedding Snow Boots

Candles With Winter Touches – Even though candles can work just fine all year long, in winter they are especially lovely and the season offers so many options for decorating with candles. In the photos below you can see cranberries, cinnamon sticks, and bark added to complement the candles. These winter touches are easy to include and they will enhance your décor.
Winter Wedding Candles

Winter-Themed Beverages – The winter season offers so many opportunities for creating special beverages for your guests. As shown in the collage below, a hot chocolate buffet/bar is perfect for the season as are luscious winter-themed cocktails and hot apple cider.
Winter Wedding Beverages

~ Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Winter Wedding Pinterest Board
Winter Wedding Accessories

UPDATE: The lovely bride in the first photo has given me information on the photographer. The perfect winter photo was shot by Rachel MacPhee from Haven Life and Photo.

Winter Photos:  Anastasiya Belik Photography, IN Photography, Rebekah Westover Photography, Ingar Sørensen, Oslo, NorwayWraps:  Anastasiya Belik Photography, Lifesong Photography, Lane Dittoe Fine Wedding Photographs – Boots:  Double Take Photography, Thayer Allyson Gowdy –  Candles:  Mark Scott, Better Homes and Gardens – Beverages:  Ode to Inspiration, Wedding Blog by the Breakers, D Magazine, The Fromagette

30 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding for Less, Part 6

We’re half way through our series, 30 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding for Less, and I still have lots more great tips to share with you. This week I’ll cover choosing an “off season” wedding date, having your wedding during the Christmas season and using student musicians play at your ceremony instead of professionals.

January-MarchTip 16.  Instead of getting married during the typical wedding months, choose an “off season” date.  You may recall that Tip 15 covered having your wedding on a weekday or Sunday instead of Saturday. Tip 16 goes a little further to suggest that you consider choosing a date that is during the “off season” of November 1 through March 31.

The cost savings during this period is due to Read more . . .

Andrea and Chris’ Winter Wedding

Two team members at Exclusively Weddings had weddings in 2012. Taylor, who is on the merchandising team, got married in June and her wedding is featured in an earlier blog post: Taylor and Andrew’s Rustic Wedding. Andrea is head of the merchandising team at Exclusively Weddings and her December wedding is featured below:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

On a warm and sunny winter’s afternoon on December 1, Andrea married Chris in the wedding of her dreams! It was simple and elegant but it had a  bit of opulence, too!

The couple knew how they wanted their wedding to be. She says, “My husband and I wanted to be able to share this special day with the closest and dearest family and friends. We wanted a smaller wedding (around 150) so we would be able to speak and visit with all, as well as enjoy the party. I cannot describe how wonderful our wedding day and entire weekend turned out. It was truly so surreal and very magical. I knew, that my wedding day would be special, but never knew HOW special it was going to be. Everything … every detail … was worth the time and the effort to make perfect. There is not one thing that my husband and I can think of, that we would have wanted to change. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful family to help make it be the wedding of our dreams come true. We will never be able to express how appreciative or say thank you enough to our parents.” 

Andrea and Chris were introduced to each other by mutual friends who hold an annual Fall Fest, which Chris and Andrea both attended and they spent time there getting to know each other. And it turned out that he lived 10 houses down the street from her. And as they say, “the rest is history”!
Andrea and Chris - Click to Enlarge

Andrea’s wore a “statement” necklace that was custom made by Yamamori in Greensboro, NC. She says, “My mom and I found a bracelet that I loved and had envisioned for a necklace (I knew I wanted something pearl and chunky). So we brought it to the jeweler and he made the bracelet into a necklace.”
Andrea and Chris' Wedding - Click to Enlarge

The bridesmaids’ dresses were an unexpected find. Andrea explains, “Mom came home with this dress FOR ME and says that it would be perfect for me to wear to  a friend’s upcoming wedding. I told her I loved it and that it is exactly what I would love my bridesmaids to wear, even though it was not sold as a bridesmaid’s dress. So we went back to the department store and scrambled to find the dress in everyone’s sizes. We found one for each of my bridesmaids and got one extra. My mom took the extra dress and made the flower girls matching sashes for their dresses and made my nephew a matching bow tie.”
Andrea and Chris' Wedding - Click to Enlarge

Andrea and Chris' Wedding

Andrea’s bouquet and Chris’s bountonnière coordinated and fit their neutral palette.
Andrea and Chris - Click to Enlarge

Andrea made sure she and her bridesmaids could enjoy pain-free dancing at the reception: “I bought each of my bridesmaids a pair of shiny gold TOMS that coordinated with their dresses and that they could wear at the reception. When I got them, I realized, that I wanted a pair, too! So I ordered myself a pair in silver as well as a pair for my mom. After the ceremony, I quickly changed out of my heels and into my TOMS and wore them the whole night. THE BEST DECISION I made, was to purchase some for myself. My feet did not hurt once and I could dance all night in comfort. Plus they were super cute!”Andrea and Chris' Wedding

Andrea and Chris' Wedding

The doors to the reception at Greensboro Country Club were decorated with Chris’s and Andrea’s initials that were covered in greenery.Andrea and Chris' Wedding - Door Wreaths

A special table held photos of Andrea’s and Chris’s parents and grandparents on their wedding days.
Andrea and Chris' Wedding - Click to Enlarge

Floral centerpiece … simple and elegant …
Andrea and Chris' Wedding - Click to Enlarge

Andrea explained the cute and delicious carrot-cake cupcakes, “My husband is an extreme, dedicated UNC-Chapel Hill Tarheel fan. He went to Carolina and lives and breathes for their sports. I have never seen anything like it but absolutely love his enthusiasm and dedication to his team. My mom surprised him with the cupcakes at the wedding.”
Andrea and Chris' Wedding

Andrea’s luscious cake … accented in gold.
Andrea and Chris' Wedding - Click to Enlarge

Andrea and Chris' Wedding

Andrea’s mother handmade several accent pillows in the wedding colors, which were placed on sofas and chairs at the reception venue. Some were personalized with their monogram.Andrea and Chris' Wedding

Because the country club would not allow sparklers or anything tossed, Andrea’s mother made festive bells for the guests to ring when the couple left the reception.
Andrea and Chris' Wedding - Click to Enlarge

Andrea’s mother handmade 50 stockings … one for each out-of-town guest. Each stocking was filled with local specialties and home-made
Andrea and Chris' Wedding - Click to Enlarge

Andrea and Chris left the reception in a luxurious Rolls Royce, rented for the occasion and in Carolina Blue, of course!Andrea and Chris' Wedding

Andrea and Chris' Wedding

AndreaAndrea shares her wedding planning tips:“One thing that I was not happy about when we booked our ceremony and reception was the break between the two. Because we got married in a Catholic church, they only do 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM weddings and we chose the 2:00 PM option with our cocktail hour starting at 5:00 PM. Therefore, our guests had a break between the two. Throughout the planning process, I got more comfortable with the idea. NOW, after all is said and done, I would recommend this to everyone! It was so nice, for Chris and me and our wedding party to not rush around trying to take pictures and then rush to get to the reception. We were able to enjoy and let loose a bit while taking pictures. Afterwards, we all hung out in the Country Club’s boardroom. It was nice to spend this quality time with our wedding party. Also, when the cocktail hour started, our wedding party went to join everyone else and Chris and I had some “alone time” in the boardroom. This was a really nice opportunity to sit and enjoy the special day and relax. Also, we were able to eat at this time. Luckily we did that, because from the moment we walked into the reception, I didn’t notice the food or even think about it. So I was really glad I had eaten during the break.

During our ceremony/mass, Chris and I surprised our moms with a single white rose. I wanted to do something special for them and have them part of the ceremony. I know both moms loved that.

Also, we got everything out of the way all at once at the reception. We were introduced as we entered the reception, did all the first dances and cut the cake … all right after each other. It was nice not to worry where I had to be and at what time. Once the traditions were taken care of, I was able to catch up, dance and have fun with nowhere to be.

Sunday morning after the wedding, my parents hosted a brunch at their house. That was nice time to recap the wedding with friends and family. Since all of our family was from out of town, it was nice to spend a little extra time with them. We were married on a Saturday but waited until Monday to leave for our honeymoon. It was great not to have to rush to get ready, pack and leave for our honeymoon.”

Photography:  Andrea and Chris’ wedding was photographed by
Abigail Seymour Photography.