Your Wedding Invitation – Tips for Choosing the Right Shape

Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding, so choosing “the one” is a task that you should put a bit of thought in to. There are so many options for wedding invitations that it can be overwhelming to choose one out of the hundreds offered. One thing that will help is to narrow down your choice, so that you only have to look at a sub-set of the many you’ll see. One way to do this is to decide on the shape that you are looking for. Once you know, for example, that you want a square wedding invitation, you can easily skip other shapes as you look through the collections.

When deciding on a size and shape, take in to consideration how many lines of type will be on your invitation, how long your names are, etc. A wedding invitation looks so much better when the wording isn’t crowded. If you have a lot of wording that you must have and you choose a small invitation, the wording will have to be small in order to make it fit.

Popular Wedding Invitation Shapes:

  • Rectangle (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Square – Plain and with a Wrap
  • Tri-Fold
  • Tall and Slim (Vertical and Horizontal)

One of the most popular and classic invitation shapes is the vertical, rectangular shape. A popular size for this shape is 5-1/2″ x 7-3/4″. The size allows for plenty of room for your wording. Notice that there is enough space for the bride’s and groom’s name to be larger than the rest of the type and to have it set apart from the other wording.

The rectangle invitation shape can also be used in a horizontal format. This can be a good choice if your wording does not have a lot of lines, but perhaps each line itself is long.

A square wedding invitation shape has a commanding presence! A popular size for this style is 7″ x 7″.  With the square shape, you have ample room for your wording to make a big impression. It is a good shape for showing off two font styles, as shown below. Please note, that no matter what the size is, a square-shaped envelope requires extra postage.

A modern invitation style is the wrap and the one shown below is an all-inclusive invitation …. no need to purchase accessory cards and no inner envelope needed. The invitation wording appears on a square card, which is then enveloped in a wrap. You still have all the advantages of the square card but it is just “dressed up”!

The tri-fold wedding invitation is a traditional style that has room for a lot of wording. This shape is perfect for a verse or special poem in the middle panel and then you have ample room for the actual invitation wording on the third panel.

The invitation below is a modern shape that is “tall and slim”.  The three invitations shown below are approximately 4″ x 9″.

The tall, slim shape also works well in a horizontal format.  Since there isn’t space for many lines, in the example below, the bride’s and groom’s names are on one line together rather than on the traditional two lines.

The tall shape can be dressed up with an attached “cover” to take on an entirely different look.

TIP: Be sure and take a sample of your invitation with all enclosure cards and envelope to the post office to get the correct postage amount.

Click on each photo to see more details on the Exclusively Weddings’ site.

Exclusively Weddings offers free wedding invitation samples to make it easier for you to find “the one”!

Your Wedding Invitation and Your Wedding Colors, Part 3

A couple months’ ago I posted, The 10 All-Time Most Popular Wedding Colors and while I was writing the post, I wondered which of Exclusively Weddings’ wedding invitations would work best with the featured colors. And then that thought reminded me of a post I did last year, Your Wedding Invitation and your Wedding Colors, Part 2. So I decided to do a new post similar to last year’s, but this time I am featuring some of the colors from the “most popular wedding colors” post.

Most brides want their wedding invitations to reflect the tone and style of their weddings and that usually includes the wedding color, too. I hope that the pairing below will help you see the possibilities!

[Click each collage for a larger view; click each invitation to go to its page on the Exclusively Weddings’ site.]

A Black and White Wedding theme is a classic, and the Deco Damask Wedding Invitation reflects a classic sophistication.

Coral is such a “fresh’ color and looks especially lovely when paired with white, as shown in the collage and in the Coral Chevron Wedding Invitation.

Turquoise is shown in the collage with a beach theme, as it is a color that works really well for a beach wedding. The Retro Stripes Wedding Invitation with its classic cabana stripes gives a “beach vibe” with a subtle touch.

Red is the color of love and it shows its full impact in the First Comes Love Wedding Invitation.

When you want to add sophistication to pink, pair it with black as shown in the collage and in the Sophisticated Script Wedding Invitation.
Pink and Black Wedding Colors

Green is such a fresh color, especially in a warm tone, as shown in the collage and also in the Cherished Love Wedding Invitation.

Exclusively Weddings offers free wedding invitation samples to help you choose “the one”. Shipping is on us and no credit card number is needed.

Collages created by Sher Silver – Exclusively Weddings

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Colorful Wedding Invitations . . . With Cakes to Match

The wedding invitation you choose will help set the tone for your wedding, so finding the perfect invitation is obviously an important wedding-planning task. And when you find that very special invitation design/color that is just what you have been looking for, chances are that you will also love it interpreted on to your wedding cake.

To help you see the possibilities of using your invitation design/color on your wedding cake, I’ve put together a dozen options in a variety of styles and colors by pairing an Exclusively Weddings’ invitation with a coordinating cake from our Colorful Wedding Cakes Pinterest board.

First up is Chevron.  Chevron is definitely trending for 2014! We see it in women’s fashion, home décor, accessories …. just about everything! And of course Chevron is also popular for wedding invitations and it is a design that will translate with perfection on to a wedding cake.

At least one chalkboard accessory is seen in most all rustic and casual weddings from signs to caketops and of course cakes and invitations, too!

Roses have been a popular wedding flower for generations but yellow roses takes it up a notch for a modern look. Watercolor Roses, as seen here in yellow, is an easy transition on to a stylish, ombré, wedding cake.

Cherry Blossoms
are perfect for a spring wedding as they signify the beginning of spring in many areas of the U.S. The artistic cherry blossom design is particularly gorgeous on an invitation and equally so, on a wedding cake.
Watercolor Cherry Blossoms Wedding Invitation

For a splash of color or for accenting a vibrant palette, you can’t go wrong with a poppy …or a few!

For a little fun, go with a “Lucky in Love” invitation choice! The pink and cool-tone green translate easily in to a yummy wedding cake design, too.

Purple is always a popular wedding color and the rose is a popular wedding flower. The Watercolor Roses design combines both favorites for a design that works both for an invitation and a cake!

If you are having a beach wedding, you may want to use seashells in your décor, cake and in your invitation.

Sunny colors of gold, green and pink in your wedding invitation can be translated in to a floral design in your wedding cake. For spring and summer weddings, this is a palette that is a perfect fit.

is a popular accent for weddings in 2014 and it works equally well in the design of a wedding invitation and wedding cake.

A monogram is always in style and it is trending strong in 2014. And you can’t go wrong with black and white. A black and white Damask design with a monogram is the ultimate in classic style!

It seems like every few years gold is a top trend and now it is happening in 2014! Gold is perfect with neutrals white or ivory or paired with a choice of pink, mint green, navy, and more! Nothing dazzles quite like gold!

For more details on the wedding invitations that are shown in each of the pairs above, just click the hyperlinked text in the verbiage that is above each photo. It will take you to the invitation’s product details page on the Exclusively Weddings’ site.

If you want to order free invitation samples, this page on the Exclusively Weddings’ website will get you started. (By the way, they are 100% free when shipped within the U.S. No credit card is needed.)

Collages created by Sher Silver – Exclusively Weddings
Click images for full-size versions.

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Your Wedding Invitation and Your Wedding Colors, Part 2

A couple months ago I created a post that showcased some of our wedding invitations that coordinated with the color stories I created. I was looking at some of our invitations today and noticed that we had quite a few more that seemed to work really well with some of my newer color-stories. I couldn’t resist putting them together to see if they matched as well as I thought they would. I was glad to see that they did! I hope the combinations below will be helpful for you. Here’s a link to that first post in case you missed it: Blog Post

Exclusively Weddings’ main invitation page is where you will find links to order free  invitation samples and will see all of the invitation categories that we offer: Wedding Invitations at Exclusively Weddings

Be sure and check out our Pinterest board with more than 100 color-story collages. The collages will help you narrow down the all-important decision of choosing your wedding colors.

For more information about the featured invitations, please click the “Featured” links in red below.

Featured: Greek Beauty Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.Black-White-and-Red-Wedding

Greek Beauty Red Wedding Invitation

Featured: Watercolor Elegance Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.Moss Green Wedding Color Theme

Watercolor Elegance Green Wedding Invitation

Featured: Autumn Romance Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.Orange and Brown Wedding Colors

Autumn Romance Wedding Invitation

Featured: Anchors Away Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.Nautical Wedding Theme

Nautical Wedding Invitation

Featured: Bold Daisy Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.
Coral Wedding Color

Bold Daisy Coral Wedding Invitation

Featured: Passionate Peony Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.Yellow and Gray Wedding Colors

Passionate Peony Yellow and Gray Wedding Invitation

Featured: Contemporary Scroll Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.Lime Green Wedding Color

Contemporary Scroll Invitation

Featured: Peacock Romance Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.Peacock Colors for Wedding

Peacock Romance Wedding Invitation

Collages created by Sher Silver.

Black, White & Red: 
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Your Wedding Invitation and Your Wedding Colors

collage for blogSince your wedding invitation sets the tone for the wedding, you may be wondering how to coordinate your invitation with your wedding color theme and level of formality.  Even though you will likely want to order your invitations early enough to avoid waiting until the last minute, you will need to get your theme firmed up before placing your order.

Once you have your theme finalized, you can then enjoy looking at the invitations that translate that theme on to paper. If you want to get an overview of how your theme might actually look all put together, our color-story collages might be of help to you. Here is a link to our 75+ color-story collages on Pinterest to help you with your invitation selection and other wedding planning tasks. Exclusively Weddings’ Color Story Collages

As you start looking at invitations, take a look at Exclusively Weddings’ main invitation page where you will find links to order invitation samples and will see all of the invitation categories that we offer: Wedding Invitations at Exclusively Weddings

The invitations featured below are shown with coordinating color stories to help in making your invitation choice and other wedding selections, too.

For more information about the featured invitations, please click the “Featured” links below.

Featured: Colorful Paisley Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.
Pink and Green Wedding Colors



Featured: Chocolate Delight Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.
Pink_and_Brown_Wedding Color



Featured: Phoebe Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.
Blue and Chocolate Wedding Colors



Featured: Contemporary Heart Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.
Pink_and_Red_Wedding Colors



Featured: Winter’s Essence Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.
Red and Silver Wedding



Featured: Bridal Bliss Wedding Invitation
Click Invitation photo for full-size version.
Cally Lily Wedding Theme



Continued in Part 2 – Click to view (opens in a new window).

To help you choose your perfect invitation, Exclusively Weddings offers free invitation samples. Click here to get started by clicking the first link on this page:
Free Invitation Samples

Photo Sources:
Pink and Green Collage: Pursuing the Picture Perfect Wedding (1st & 2nd photo), Wedding or Party Decorations, Carrie’s Cakes, Valley & Co., Moments of Magic Invitations: Colorful Paisley Wedding Invitation
and Regal Roses Wedding Invitation – Pink and Chocolate Collage: Magnolia Flower Shoppe, Better Homes and Gardens, Weddingbee, Martha Stewart, Linda Smith Weddings, two peas and their pod, Ah-Tissue Invitations: Wrapped in Romance Wedding Invitation and
Chocolate Delight Wedding Invitation – Blue and Chocolate Collage:  Rustic Wedding Chic, Serendipity Photography LLC, Tucson Bride & Groom, Project Wedding, It’s a Piece of Cake,  Connie Cupcake, obscured.tumblr Invitation: Phoebe Wedding Invitation – Pink and Red Collage: Planet cake, Theo Milo Photography, With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart, The Decorista Invitation: Contemporary Heart Wedding Invitation – Red and Silver Collage: Colleen Rosenthal Photography, Ces & Judy’s, Studio Diana, Wedding & Celebration Cakes by Lisa Broughton, Martha Stewart Invitation: Winter’s Essence Wedding Invitation – Calla Lily Collage: Pink Cake Box, Style Me Pretty, The Flower Pot, Calla Lily Favor Exclusively Weddings Invitation: Bridal Bliss Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Inner Envelope

"Simplicity"In your search for the perfect invitation you likely have noticed that besides the outer (mailing) envelope that many invitations also have an inner envelope. The notion of two envelopes can be confusing and you may question why two separate pieces are necessary. The history of the inner envelope is that in the olden days when invitations were hand-delivered, two envelopes were used because the outer envelope was often soiled and therefore was discarded. Today, the tradition of using two envelopes continues and the pristine inner envelope, one that has not been through the postal system, is also a perfect place for guests to keep enclosures together for reference up until the wedding.

The outer envelope is the mailing envelope and includes the full name and mailing address of your guest(s). It has glue on the inside flap for sealing. The outer envelope flap can be pre-printed with the return address. The inner envelope holds your invitation and all enclosures and it is often lined in a color that coordinates with the invitation color and/or font color. It does not have glue on the flap and is to be left unsealed. Your guests’ names are handwritten, using their titles and surnames only, for example: Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Besides the tradition and stately appearance of one envelope slipped inside the other, and the air of anticipation about what’s hidden inside, consider the practicality: The outer envelope contains the full name and actual mailing address of the guest, while the inner envelope specifically states just the names of those who are being invited to the wedding. Young children, for example, don’t necessarily need to be included on the outer envelope. When there is doubt about which family members have been asked to attend the ceremony and the reception, the inner envelope answers the question and often saves the embarrassment of a difficult etiquette situation.

 The photos below show how much pizzazz and impact the coordinating inner envelope adds to the invitation.


"Garden Romance"

"Colorful Chic"

California Poppy"

Palm Tree Band"


Exclusively Weddings offers free invitation samples to help you choose “the one”.

Invitations shown above:
Garden Romance
Colorful Chic

California Poppy
Palm Tree Band

The Beauty of Embossed Invitations

Embossed Detail of Calla Lily BeautyShopping for your wedding invitation is one of the most important tasks you will undertake as you plan your wedding. The first glimpse your guests will have of your wedding will be the invitation they receive and it will set the tone for your entire wedding celebration. Yet, for many brides, choosing a wedding invitation can be an experience filled with uncertainty and confusion. This is because there haven’t been many (if any) times in your life when you have had the opportunity of choosing a beautifully printed formal invitation. The whole process is often brand new.

As you go about the task of choosing “the one”, you will likely come across descriptive invitation terms that you may not understand. In this blog post, I’d like to acquaint you with one term, in particular: Embossing.  What does “embossing” really mean and how does it affect the look of your invitation?

Embossing is a technique in which a hand-tooled brass die is used to create an intricate design on the invitation card stock. But instead of the design being flat, it is raised to create a lovely, three-dimensional effect. When you run your hand over the design, you will feel the tactile, multi levels and complex detail. And when you look at the back of an embossed invitation, you will see how the paper has been pushed to the front to create the illusion of 3-D.

Exclusively Weddings’ invitation manufacturers use the finest hand-tooled U.S.-made dies and a close-up view of the design reveals its intricacy. The extreme detail in the design is what makes it so beautiful, even though it is in a size small enough to fit on an invitation.

The embossed design can be the same color as the paper or to further enhance its beauty, other techniques are often employed. You may see a colored ink applied prior to embossing and you may see shimmery pearlessence added to create a dazzling finish. In addition, the application of silver or gold metallic can also be added or paired with the embossed design for lots of pizzazz.

No matter how good the photography is, it is very difficult to capture the beauty and detail of embossing. Exclusively Weddings offers free invitation samples so you can see (and feel) the beauty of embossing first hand. When it comes to embossed designs, really, the bottom line is “you just have to feel it to believe it!”

The Pearl Pleasure invitation below has a pearl border that is “trapped” by a multi-level embossed frame. Lots of shimmer! The enlarged portion below shows the embossing but you have to see it in person to get the full effect of the pearl sheen.
Pearl Pleasure

Sea Treasures is embossed with a finely detailed motif, which is completely accented in pearl.
Sea Treasures

Below is sumptuous Twin Hearts … embossed and then accented in silver metallic.
Twin Hearts

Old World Elegance has a beautiful, wide embossed border with lots of detail.
Old World Elegance

Calla Lily Beauty below has a lovely and intricate embossed design.
Calla Lily Beauty

Exclusively Weddings offers free invitation samples to make it easier for you to choose “the one”!