Let Mother Nature Decorate Your Fall Wedding

Autumn is a great time to have a wedding! And one of the reasons I am a fan of autumn weddings is that it is so easy to gather items from nature to use in your wedding décor. You can get a lot of “bang for your buck” as the saying goes.

For example, something as simple as apples can be turned in to clever décor and cups for beverages. As shown in the collage below, apples can be used for a wide range of things such as chair décor, to hold apple cider, as a placecard holder, and for cleverly designed mini candy apples. Also, in the 2nd to last photo, the apples are simply stacked at the beverage bar but they add a lot of color and design interest.
Apples for Autumn Wedding Decor

Of course, pumpkins are quintessentially fall! They add a seasonal flare and a cozy feel to any décor. If you don’t like orange pumpkins, consider white ones instead. Our Pinterest Board – White Pumpkins for Wedding Décor has over 100 carefully chosen photos to help you with ideas and inspiration.
Pumpkins for autumn wedding decor

Leaves are easily available just about everywhere in the fall! You can use them in table arrangements, as placecards, to decorate candles and more. You can use them “au naturel” or paint them as shown in the photo below. The colors can be really luscious and they certainly are easy enough to gather up! Of course, you can buy specially preserved leaves, as well, to use alone or mixed with fresh ones.
Leaves for Autumn Wedding Decor

I’ve written a few other blog posts on fall weddings that might also be helpful such as Autumn Wedding DecorWhite Pumpkins for Fall Wedding Decor, and An Orange Color Combination for Your Fall Wedding.

For more Fall Wedding Ideas, visit our Pinterest board – Fall Wedding Ideas – with over 150 photos.

Click images for full-size versions.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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The 10 All-Time Most Popular Wedding Colors

Over the years many wedding color trends have come and gone, but there are 10 colors that have had staying power and I have crowned them …

“The 10 All-Time Most Popular Wedding Colors.”

And they are . . .

  • Black and White
  • Red
  • White
  • Teal
  • Turquoise
  • Coral
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue

These 10 wedding colors have held up over time and brides continue to love them. An advantage of using one of these classic colors is that you will likely be able to find accessories and reception décor more easily than if you choose a more trendy or obscure color. And it may give you a little peace of mind knowing that you are using a color that has stood the test of time. But of course the most important thing is that you and your groom love the color and want it to help create the wedding of your dreams.

Below you will find a color-story collage for each of the 10 colors. (Click each one to see a large version … then click again to see a humongous version!) When I created them, I primarily used just one color and one tone of the color, so the color itself would have impact and you would be able to get a true picture of how it looks in various aspects of a wedding and reception. In reality, though, you will likely use various shades of the color and possibly pair it with one or more other colors.

So, let’s get started!

A Black and White Wedding is as classic as it gets. The combination is stunning and because it is a simple palette, it is easy to work with and there are no issues in trying to match up colors, etc. It’s a great color for bridesmaids because it is easy to find black dresses that can be worn again either from a bridal salon or even at a non-bridal retailer. If you want to add a pop of color there are at least seven combination colors that work wonderfully with black and white.

A Red Wedding Color is vibrant and can work well in all seasons. Of course, it is especially appropriate for a winter wedding. Since red is the color of love, it is perfect for a wedding! Red doesn’t have a range of shades .. red is red! But you will find that red can be a warm red or a cool-tone red.  Even so, it is easier to create a pleasing palette with red than with most other colors because there isn’t a huge difference in the cool tone vs. warm tone and you probably can even get away with mixing them. If you want to pair a color with red, here are seven colors that you may want to consider.

A White Wedding can be quite stunning! I think it works best with a more formal wedding than a casual one. With a white wedding most everything that would normally be in a color, is a shade of white. However, the groom and his attendants generally still wear black. When considering this palette, brides are often concerned that they might not stand out from the bridesmaids. To avoid this happening, it is best if the bride’s dress is very different from the bridesmaids and perhaps more ornate with embellishments and of course, a veil will help in this regard also.

Teal is a wedding color that can be a bit of a challenge. It is a hard color to “pin down” in that it has a couple colors that are “cousins” … turquoise and aqua. For the collage below, I chose a blue teal. Sometimes we see teal as having more green in it. It is not a vibrant color, like turquoise, nor soft like aqua. We see it often paired with coral or red. It can work in all seasons and also is popular for beach weddings. It is one of those colors, like red, that doesn’t have a lot of variation in the hue. If you lighten the hue of teal, it becomes turquoise.

For Turquoise, Coral, Pink, Purple, Green and Blue I have added a little image below each collage that shows a range of hues for the colors. If you choose Pink as your wedding color, for example, it could range from pale pink to vibrant fuchsia. For the collages, I used a darker version or mid-tone rather than a pastel. But all of these colors are really lovely in their softer variations, as well. 

A Turquoise wedding color is often chosen for beach weddings, so to give you an idea of how that might look, I created this collage with a beach wedding theme.  Turquoise is a luscious color and when used in its most vibrant variation, it holds up well in the sun, while some other colors may end up looking washed out. Turquoise is a flattering color to wear for most everyone, so your bridesmaids will likely enjoy wearing turquoise. As beautiful as it is as a stand-alone color, there are seven colors that complement it very well.

Turquoise Shades in Swatches

Coral is a popular wedding color for spring and summer. In its lightest hue it is often called “Peach”. Coral is a lovely color for a beach wedding and pairs especially well with Teal or Turquoise or it can be teamed up with Navy Blue for a Nautical theme.

Coral Shades in Swatches

Just about everyone loves the color Pink and it creates a really nice wedding palette. It’s a girly color and some grooms may not be comfortable with it. If that is the case, and you love the color, pair it with brown or moss green and see if that makes him happy! Pink looks great when paired with just about any color, such as these 12 Pink combinations.

Pink Shades in Swatches

Purple is one of the all-time favorite wedding colors and it is no wonder. The color is gorgeous! Its hue can range from dark royal purple to the palest soft lavender.  A purple wedding palette is luscious when several shades of the color are used together. Or it can be paired with orange for a lovely fall palette or with silver for winter oohs and ahhs! It will work for all seasons. There seems to be no end to the colors that look great with purple, including these 15 purple combinations.

Purple Shades in Swatches

Green is a color that ranges from warm, yellow undertones to cool, blue undertones. My collage focuses on warm-toned Apple Green, a fresh, bright green with yellow undertones. It is a color that works well for Spring, Summer and Beach Weddings or paired with Navy for a Preppy theme. It is similar to Lime Green and pairs with the same colors. The warm and cool greens are very different from each other, as you can see in the charts below and it’s generally best to stick to one or the other, unless you are a professional designer. Green can be used in all seasons; for example, Apple Green works well for spring and summer and a rich, Moss Green is perfect for autumn. The colors that fall in the “green” color category have a wide range of hues, from cool-toned Emerald to Chartreuse, as seen in these five shades of Green. When using the color Green, you can easily incorporate natural elements in to your décor such as apples, moss, specially grown indoor grass, and limes.

warm green cool green

Blue is beloved by most people as it is a calming and serene color. The hues range from dark Navy to mid-tone Royal to pale Baby Blue. It can be used for weddings of any season with Ice Blue in the winter and Powder Blue in spring and summer. For the collage below I used a cool blue, which has more green in it rather than a warm blue, which has purple undertones. See color swatch below that shows the contrast between the two blues. As with Green, unless you are a professional designer, it is probably best to stick with either cool or warm tones and not try to mix them.

Warm blue and cool blue

Since bridesmaids’ dresses show your wedding color more than most anything else at the wedding, except possibly reception table linens and flowers, I did a collage for you so you can more easily compare them, since they are shown together. Picture yourself with your girls … which color will you love seeing at the wedding and years later in your treasured photos.

The top ten all-time most popular wedding colors

Click collages to enlarge to full size. Then click one more time to see it in a huge size.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Shop by Color at Exclusively Weddings
Be Inspired on Pinterest  – We have 120+ boards and 11,000+ carefully curated pins of wedding ideas and inspiration including boards on almost all colors shown here.

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Five Ways to Use Giant Balloons in Your Wedding Decorations

Balloons! The word can bring up all sorts of memories of days gone by … birthday parties, proms and other festive events! In this blog post the wedding balloon ideas I’ll be sharing are not those that you might remember from childhood birthday parties and high school proms. Instead, I’ll be sharing ways to use giant balloons, which can add a lot of visual appeal to your wedding décor.

I will admit that balloons can at first seem like a tacky addition to add to your wedding décor but keep an open mind. The balloons that we are seeing in today’s weddings aren’t the pear-shaped common variety, but rather, are large, round “statement” balloons that are often decorated with tassels, fringe, etc. They are used at the most elegant of weddings and are really lovely!

Some of the ways you can use giant balloons at your wedding are  ….

  • Ceremony Décor
  • Reception Site Décor
  • Reception Table Décor
  • Dessert Table Décor
  • Props for Wedding Photos

I hope the photos below will help you see all that you can do with balloons!

Ceremony Décor. Adding balloons is a way to infuse the ceremony with your wedding colors. Notice that other decorations are kept to a minimum, in both photos below. The balloons make a strong statement, so other decorations are often not needed.
balloons for ceremony decor

balloons for wedding ceremony

Reception Décor. Balloons are a great addition to your reception décor. The tassels on the balloons and twinkling lights complete the fairytale look.
Balloons in wedding reception decor

Table Décor. Balloons will add a festive air to your tables. You can keep your centerpiece somewhat simple and use the balloons to add pizzazz.wedding tables with balloons

Balloons for table decor

Wedding Dessert Bar/Candy Buffet. Notice how much appeal just a few giant balloons can add.
Balloons dessert table

dessert table with balloons

Wedding Photos. Balloons are a perfect accessory for wedding photos. They can be used for a sunny, fun photo as in this first photo or in a more artistic shot as in the 2nd photo. They make interesting props for bridal party photos, as well.
Bride and groom with balloons

bride and groom with a balloon

Wedding Party with Balloons

You probably noticed that a lot of the photos above show balloons with streamers and/or tassels attached. The added elements create a lot of visual interest to the balloons. If you decide to add streamers and/or tassels to your balloons just make sure that yours aren’t too heavy or they will weigh down the balloons. Below are some photos to give you some ideas for streamers and tassels.
streamers on balloons

Balloon streamers

balloon with garland streamer

Couple with balloon decor

I want to share some links with you where you can get step-by-step instructions on how to DIY balloon streamers/fringe: The Alison Show, Green Wedding Shoes, Glitter Guide

And to see an elegant wedding’s use of balloons, here is a link:
Green Wedding Shoes Wedding

For an elegant tassle/fringe you might want to consider using ribbon.
100-Yard Rolls of Ribbon at Exclusively Weddings – 24 Color Choices for Satin and 9 for Sheer Organza:
7/8″ Satin Ribbon 
7/8″ Sheer Organza Ribbon 
5/8″ Satin Ribbon
3/8″ Satin Ribbon

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30 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding for Less, Part 7

In our 7th week of our series, 30 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding for Less, I’ll be sharing ways to save by wearing a pre-owned wedding dress, incorporating burlap in to your wedding décor and having favors that can also be used as place card holders.

Tip 19. Select a Pre-Owned Wedding Dress. Your wedding dress is surely a most important wedding purchase. And while you want it to be your “dream gown”, you could end up with a huge expense. With a little research and “thinking outside the box”, you can have a fabulous dress and stay within your budget. Read more . . .

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Your Outdoor Wedding Reception – What’s Your Style?

Planning your wedding reception can be a daunting task. After all, most engaged couples have not had the experience of planning such a large and important party before.

To help with your planning process, I will cover some of the hallmarks of three popular types of outdoor receptions in this post.  At first glance all three may seem to be very similar to each other but there are definite differences in décor and style that really do help create a unique look and feel for each one.

The reception styles I’m including are Casual – Festive, Rustic and Garden.

Venue: Backyard, park, farm, and other outdoor venues.
Décor: Pom-poms, banners/bunting, paper décor and often decorations that hang from trees, fences, and the like. You can go with just “casual” or include more fun details for “casual-festive”.
Seating: Pillows, benches and simple chairs with or without pillows, sometimes decorated with ribbon streamers.
Tables:  Often long tables are used without tablecloths.  You can include place mats, table runners or tablecloths in simple fabrics such as burlap and cotton.
Centerpieces: Simple DIY incorporating candles and flowers in vases or in recycled jars and bottles.
Flowers: Simple in-season local cut flowers such as roses and daisies with baby’s breath and greenery added.

This informal style often includes colorful ribbons to decorate place settings, bottles, vases and chairs.

Hot Tip:  Even though  your reception may be casual, it is fun to add “designer” items such as vintage-style drinking straws, creative cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers, styling tags, and other elements that tie together your color theme and help create a cohesive put-together look. The photos below help illustrate how this style can take shape.Casual - Festive Wedding Reception

Casual Wedding Reception

Casual Wedding Reception


Venue: Farm, park or backyard — sometimes in a large, rented tent or in a barn.
Décor: Burlap is often used, sometimes paired with lace. Mason jars are plentiful to hold flowers, candles, beverages and food.
Seating: Benches or simple chairs often decorated with burlap.
Tables: Picnic tables; round or rectangle tables without cloths or with burlap cloths.
Centerpieces: Simple DIY using Mason jars and recycled bottles and jars. Colorful marbles or stones are often used at the bottom of the vases.
Flowers: Lavender; sunflowers, daisies, dried flowers.  Dried wheat is often used in the decorations.

Bales of hay and hand-painted wedding signs can be incorporated in to the décor.

Hot Tip #1: If you love the rustic style but want your reception to be a little more formal, you can make the short jump from “rustic” to “country chic”. Country Chic combines rustic with more refined accessories, as shown below in the last two photos in the collage and the last single photo. In the last photo the burlap runners and yellow metal buckets are paired with white tablecloths and an elaborately decorated ceiling to create a unique and appealing country chic décor.

Hot Tip #2: If you want to make sure that your reception “screams” rustic, be sure to include Mason jars, lots of natural wood, burlap and informally arranged cut flowers.
Rustic Wedding Reception

Rustic Wedding Reception

Rustic – Country Chic:

Country Chic Wedding Reception


Venue: Public or private garden or most any outdoor space that will accommodate the reception
Décor: Lots of flowers, of course! The décor can be simple or elaborate but this style is usually refined in the accessories and décor used.
Seating: Simple, stylish chairs
Tables: Tables almost always include a tablecloth or elaborate runner
Centerpieces: Centerpieces are usually lush and include lots of flowers
Flowers: Flowers often include roses and other in-season local flowers and can be in formal arrangements.

While this style incorporates nature in its décor, its decorations
usually lean toward simple elegance.

Hot Tip: If you have the reception in a public garden/park you will have some of your decorations already taken care of from the lush surroundings and plantings that are already there.Garden Wedding Reception

Garden Wedding Reception

Garden Wedding Reception

Below is an example of all of the styles together so you can more easily see how they differ. Click the photo for a large version.Outdoor Wedding Reception Styles


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Gray Wedding Color -The New Neutral

When thinking of the usual neutral colors seen in wedding palettes, we typically think of white and ivory. Recently another color has gained popularity and gives couples one more option. That color is Gray.

The tone of gray can range from a soft blue-gray to a dark, warm charcoal. The color works particularly well for fall and winter weddings.

We created collages (shown below) that illustrate how to use gray as one of your wedding colors with Plum, Yellow, Green and Coral. It also works well with Pink, Purple, Blue and Red and more!

Please click the collages below for the enlarged versions.

When plum is added to gray, a particularly luscious palette unfolds.Plum and Gray Wedding Colors

Yellow is as sunny color that coordinates well with gray. The gray tones down the brightness of the yellow while the yellow brightens up the gray! A perfect match!Yellow and Gray Wedding Colors

Green paired with gray creates a unique and somewhat “earthy” palette. While we often see green with brown,the gray takes it up a notch and is a bit unexpected.Green and Gray Wedding Colors

Gray gives a fresh, modern look to a Coral, which has been a popular wedding color for many decades. Coral and Gray Wedding Colors

And if you can’t quite decide on a color to add to gray, you can’t go wrong with an all-gray palette!
Gray Wedding Color Theme

Some links from our Pinterest boards to help with color ideas:
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Yellow from Exclusively Weddings on Pinterest

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Green from Exclusively Weddings on Pinterest

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Gray from Exclusively Weddings on Pinterest

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Taylor and Andrew’s Rustic Wedding

Two team members at Exclusively Weddings had weddings in 2012. Andrea, who is head of the merchandising team, got married in December and her wedding is featured in a blog post here: Andrea and Chris’ Winter WeddingTaylor is on the merchandising team at Exclusively Weddings and her June wedding is featured below:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

On a sunny morning in June, Taylor married her true love, Andrew, lakeside at a historic farm in North Carolina. It was blue-sky day in a scenic and charming setting. Everything was perfect!

Taylor and Andrew met in college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill during her freshman year and his sophomore year. She admits that she had a crush on him for years, but they didn’t start dating until the summer he graduated. They both love their alma mater and Taylor showed her loyalty to UNC by wearing a Carolina Blue garter.

Before the wedding, Taylor and Andrew read notes that each had written to the other. Because they wanted to wait until the wedding ceremony for Andrew to see Taylor in her wedding dress, the best man walked Andrew to the meeting spot so Andrew could keep his eyes closed. Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding - Reading Love Notes

Taylor’s beautiful bouquet included white peonies, white hydrangeas, and green hypericum berries and was tied with a burlap wrap.Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding - Taylor's Bouquet

Walking to the alter with her father . . .Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding - Taylor and Her Father

Aisle décor – made by Taylor . . .Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding - Aisle Decor Made by Taylor

Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding

The tranquil setting included lots of foliage and a large lake.
And if you are wondering how Taylor made the decision not to wear a veil, she says, “I’m not very traditional but while there are certain things that I really cherish about tradition, the veil was not one of them. I didn’t really like the look with the dress and since I was getting married on a farm, I didn’t feel like it would go with my theme. Good thing I decided not to because my husband told me later he doesn’t like the look anyway!” Read more wedding thoughts from Taylor at the end of the blog post.
Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding - Happy Smiles

Bridesmaids wore a shade of blue that complemented the bridal gown’s
Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding - Bridemaids

The groomsmen looked handsome in their attire, which was perfect for the hot, summer day.
Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding - Groomsmen

Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding - DIY Details

Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding

They had a small wedding cake along with decorated cupcakes.Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding - Cutting the Cake

They made their departure in a 1967 Austin Healy. She says, “My neighbor restores old cars and this is one he finished, so he offered to drive us away in it.”
Taylor and Andrew's Rustic Wedding -- Getting Away in Style

TaylorTaylor shares her wedding planning tips: “I’m a crafty person, so when it came time to plan my wedding, it didn’t seem right to buy my decorations when I could make them myself and could make it more personal that way, too.  I was also on a budget, so it was much more cost effective to make what I wanted. Like most girls, I had been thinking and dreaming about my wedding since I was little, so it was a very personal thing for me. I didn’t want a wedding planner; I wanted to do everything myself and  I wanted every detail to be special and unique to Andrew and me. DIY projects made this possible for me. While some of my guests may not have known, I spent time and effort making every detail the way that it was and overall I think that made a huge difference in the feel of our special day.

I picked things that could be used in multiple ways; for example, the burlap material for table overlay and bows, the twine for the jars, window frame and other odds and ends, ribbon that could be used all over my reception, etc. Then I also tried to make things that I could use after the wedding; for example, the wreaths that were used at the wedding are now at our home and the jars now have candles in them and are on our mantle. We use the plain mason jars at home and have the wood signs displayed at our home, too. So basically I just tried to be resourceful. I am very thankful that I have crafty family members and friends too because I had help with every DIY project that I did. My best advice: Make sure you allow enough time to get things done!

Photo Credits:
Taylor and Andrew’s wedding was photographed by:
Carl Butler of Keepsake Memories Photography and Natalie Schram of Agape Memories Photography