Your Wedding Colors – Pair Pink With a Neutral for a Groom-Friendly Palette

Ahh Pink! All little girls love pink and lots of big girls do too! It is a classic wedding color that creates a beautiful wedding palette. But let’s face it … pink can be considered a bit too “girly” by your groom and he may not feel the love for it. After all, even for babies …. pink is for girls and blue is for boys.

So, if you love pink and have always dreamed of a pink wedding, consider adding a neutral color to make it more “groom-friendly”.  The addition of a neutral such as gray, silver, brown, black or gold can make a pink wedding color more pleasing to your groom.

Pink and Gray Wedding Colors: I have to admit, I think pink and gray is a gorgeous combination! The gray really brings out the best in pink! It is especially appealing when a soft tone of pink is used, as shown below. This combination is versatile and works just about any time of year and in most all settings.

Pink and Silver Wedding Colors: If you love pink and gray but want to glam it up a bit, then use silver instead of gray. And you can always mix the two neutrals and use a pop of silver here and there with gray. I especially like pink and silver for winter weddings.
Pink_and _Silver_Wedding_Colors

Pink and Brown Wedding Colors: Pink and brown is another combination that can work in any season and in most all venues … for formal and informal weddings. This combination also looks best with a softer shade of pink to add contrast with the brown. I think it may be the most “groom-friendly” of all the combinations.

Pink and Black Wedding Colors: There is a somewhat dressy vibe with this combination and I think it works particularly well for evening weddings and for fall and winter weddings. Be sure and add white with it to help the pink and black pop!
Pink_and_Black_ Wedding

Pink and Gold Wedding Colors: The addition of gold with pink definitely makes the color palette more formal and elegant. This combination looks wonderful for an evening wedding. It can work in all seasons but I think it makes for a fresh palette for a winter wedding, too.

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Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Your Wedding Color – Pair With a Metallic for Stunning Shine

If you want to add something “extra” to your wedding color palette, consider adding a metallic color such as gold, silver or copper. Metallic colors work especially well in winter months and in evening weddings. However, if you were to use a metallic color outdoors on a hot, sunny day, you would have reflections off the metal and it would just add to the intensity of the heat.

Tip: The time of day for the wedding, season and venue need to be considered when choosing your wedding colors.

Pink and Gold Wedding & Pink and Silver Wedding – If you want to add sophistication to pink, consider adding a metallic. Pink can come off as a girly color that may not appeal to your groom; but if you add silver or gold to it, it takes it to a new level, as you can see in the two collages below.
Pink and Silver Wedding

Purple and Gold Wedding & Purple and Silver Wedding – Purple is a popular wedding color that looks gorgeous when paired with a metallic. Purple already is associated with royalty and when paired with gold, it has an especially regal look. When paired with silver, it looks very fresh and modern.

Mint and Gold Wedding – Mint is a luscious color and it is often paired with soft pink or powder blue. But when you put mint and gold together you have a combination that is unexpected and sophisticated.
Mint_and Gold_Wedding 2014

Royal Blue and Silver Wedding – Royal Blue is a color that has universal appeal and one that your groom is likely to feel comfortable with. When you add silver with royal blue, you have a combination that works beautifully … especially for a winter wedding.
Royal Blue and Silver Wedding

Teal and Copper Wedding – There was a time when the only metallics we saw in weddings were gold and silver but now copper has become quite popular. However, I think copper can be a little more challenging to work with because it is not as easy to find accessories that are made of copper or are copper colored. Copper can add a fresh look to your wedding colors, though, and may be worth a try!

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Don’t Rule Out Neutral Wedding Colors

As you decide on your wedding colors, you may want to give some thought to a neutral wedding color palette. Neutral colors are those that don’t show up on the color wheel: white, gray and black. There are advantages to neutral colors; such as, it is much easier to choose items for your décor. When using neutrals, you won’t have to worry about trying to match up colors, shades, and tones.

Also, it is likely that your groom will feel more comfortable with a neutral color. If he is a guy who just can’t handle color, consider neutrals. Another reason to use neutral colors is if your venue is very colorful. For example if you are getting married in a large church with lots of red carpet, yet you want to use pink, you may want to just go with a neutral color instead. Or if the reception venue you want to use has very distinctive décor, you may be better off not trying to compete with it.

White Wedding Color. An all-white wedding can be very beautiful. A lot of white can create quite an impression! My only caveat is to make sure that your wedding dress is different enough from your bridesmaids, so there is no question who the bride is! Wearing a veil can help in this regard, also.

Gray Wedding Color. Gray is a somewhat new color for weddings. I think it is a very sophisticated choice. Including plenty of white with it will make it pop and keep it from looking dreary.

Black and White Wedding Colors: Black and white is a combination with a lot of impact! With this combo your decorating will be so much easier. Put black and white together and you have an immediate “wow”! For example, look at the balloons in the photo collage below. While any other combination of colors would look really nice, black and white creates a special vision that no other combination can match.

Click on photos once for large versions and twice for humongous versions.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Your Wedding Color – 4 Reasons To Be In Sync With Your Wedding Season and Venue

Choosing your wedding color(s) is an important and often difficult wedding decision. So how do you choose? Your first instinct may be to go with your favorite color, your groom’s favorite color or the latest color trend. But there is one consideration that you may not have thought of and that is to choose your color based on the season in which you are getting married and the natural seasonal elements of your venue.

There are several reasons why it is a good idea for your colors to be “in sync” with your wedding season and venue:

(1) You can create a beautiful scene outdoors thanks to Mother Nature. If you are having an outdoor wedding, the natural foliage at the venue can be a backdrop for your wedding. Perhaps the venue will have lots of flowering trees in pink or lavender at the time of your wedding.  Or if your wedding is in the fall, you will likely have a backdrop of leaves in luscious reds, golds, and yellows. Use nature’s colors as your wedding colors for a totally coordinated look with the season and scenery.

(2) You can create gorgeous outdoor photos. When your wedding colors fit the season and venue you can create amazing wedding photos, as seen in the photos below.

(3) You can use natural elements in your decor.  In the winter you can use branches with red berries and pine tree branches in your décor. If you use a soft pink wedding color in December, there really won’t be many natural elements that would work. If, instead, you use rich, saturated colors you will find lots of inexpensive and easy-to-obtain items for your winter décor.  Or in the fall you can use colorful leaves and branches for decoration, but only if they coordinate with your colors. If you make sure your colors will work with natural elements, you can save money by using them.

(4) You can create a more cohesive look. You want your wedding to be beautiful and one thing that will help in that regard is for it to have a coordinated palette and to be “in sync” with the season and surroundings. For example, if you use soft, baby blue for a fall wedding it will be at odds with what is going on in the environment. Your guests will be in to saturated colors, the leaves will be turning (in most areas of the country) and there will be a chill in the air. Beachy colors, for example, will be at odds with what is going on around you. You will be more in sync if you don’t have spring décor during the fall season and vice versa.

The photo of a spring/summer wedding below shows how perfectly the wedding colors fit in with the seasonal scenery and allows for a gorgeous photograph. If the wedding colors had been orange or red, this photo just wouldn’t have the impact that it does.
Spring Weddings - 4 Reasons to be in Sync With Your Wedding Season

You can tell the wedding below is in winter without even seeing the snow. The bouquet’s colors and foliage are “at one” with the season.
Winter Wedding - 4 Reasons To Be In Sync With Your Wedding Season

The photos of the wedding below shows how perfectly colors can be coordinated with the season and venue. The yellow wedding color works perfectly with the gorgeous scenery to create a vision that is drool worthy! You can see more gorgeous pictures from this fall wedding at the photographer’s blog.
Fall Wedding - 4 Reasons To Be In Sync With Your Wedding Season

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Coral Wedding Color – Combination Options You Don’t Want to Overlook

This past winter I posted The 10 All-Time Most Popular Wedding Colors and the  coral wedding color, of course, was on the list. This post will go in to a little more detail about coral, so you an see some of its possibilities. It is a classic wedding color and depending on what color it is paired it, it can work with a wedding of just about any style.

Coral, a pinkish orange, is one of those colors that seems to work best in spring and summer, since it has a warm-weather vibe to it. But I think the darker hue of the color can work quite well for fall weddings.

Coral can range from a deep, saturated color to a soft pastel as shown in the chart below.
Coral Shades in Swatches

Coral Wedding Color – Coral is shown here without being paired with another color except for white. White is a good choice to pair with coral (or any other color) if you want the color to stand out. When choosing coral bridesmaid dresses be sure and take each girl’s coloring in to consideration. The softer shades of coral can easily “wash” your girls out, so you may want to go with at least a mid-tone hue for their dresses, as shown in the collage below.


Coral and Gray Wedding Color – Coral and gray is a fabulous combination to use for wedding colors. It is perfect for fall for a totally unexpected palette. This combination is also “groom friendly” … what I mean by that is that it is not a particularly girly combination and it is likely to appeal to your groom.

Coral and Navy Wedding Colors – This combination is versatile and works with many wedding styles such as preppy, nautical, rustic and more! In this collage, the bridesmaids are wearing navy and bringing in the coral with their flowers. This can be a great choice, if the bridesmaids have darker complexions/hair as shown below.

Coral and Turquoise Wedding Colors – As they say, “What’s not to like”! This combination is gorgeous and brings out the very best in both colors. This combination is perfection for a beach wedding, yet it would also work for a rustic or garden wedding, too.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

Click each photo to see the full-size image.

More coral ideas are on our Coral Pinterest board.

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Add Glamour to Your Wedding with Gold – 5 Dazzling Combinations

If you want to add glamour to your wedding … some dazzle … something special … consider adding gold! I have to admit that gold may not work for all scenarios. For example, gold might not be the best choice for an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer. The reason for this opinion is that gold is such a warm color and it will only make the hot day seem hotter!

I have found five wedding colors that pair really well with gold.  There are many others that also work, but for this post, I’ll start with these five.

  • White and Gold
  • Black and Gold
  • Purple and Gold
  • Pink and Gold
  • Mint and Gold

White and Gold Wedding Colors  – If you want a neutral palette and don’t want to use all white (or ivory) then consider adding gold. This is an easy palette to work with and it can create a refined and elegant look for your wedding and reception. This combination can work especially well if your wedding is in the winter. There is just something about the warm glow of gold on a cold evening that is especially appealing.

Black and Gold Wedding Colors – A black and gold combination is dramatic and dressy. Even though I am calling it “black and gold” you will surely want to add white to break up the two colors, as shown in the collage below.

Purple and Gold Wedding Colors – Purple and gold can have a regal feel, especially when the shade of purple is a darker tone.

Pink and Gold Wedding Colors – If you love pink but don’t want to color scheme to be too girly, add gold to take it up a notch in sophistication.

Mint and Gold Wedding Colors – If there was ever a color just made for gold, it is mint! This combination works for day or night … indoors or out. Just a gorgeous combination!

Mint_and Gold_Wedding 2014

Collages Created by Sher Silver.

Click each photo for a large version.

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Your Wedding Color — How to Choose Between Teal, Turquoise and Aqua

Teal … Turquoise … Aqua  – Three lovely colors in the blue-green family … and if this is the color family you are considering for your wedding color, which of the three do you choose?  If you want a dark blue-green then it would be teal; a bright, medium to light tone with more blue than green is turquoise; and a soft color that is often called Tiffany blue is Aqua.

However, since the screen you are viewing them on could affect the colors, you may not even be seeing what I am seeing! In one sense it may not even matter what the color is actually called, but just that you are drawn to one of the three. Choose the one you like and then you can coordinate your wedding around that one based on what it looks like rather than what the actual name is.

These three colors are similar and I often see one color called the other. I’ve done quite a bit of research on these colors and have come up with what I think they look like!

Teal is a dark blue-green and can really work for weddings in all seasons, depending on the color you pair it with. For example, Teal with pale pink can be summery but teal with gold may be best for fall or winter. It is such a classic wedding color and it really pairs well with so many colors. I especially love teal with copper.  It also looks great paired with red and I’ve seen it with coral for beach weddings. And for an elegant look, combine teal with silver.

Turquoise is usually seen as a vibrant color and is one that is perfect for beach weddings. If you were to keep making it darker, it would eventually get very close to teal. Turquoise is a color that looks good on just about everyone, so your bridesmaids will likely enjoy wearing it. It pairs well with a lot of colors from pink to yellow to vibrant red. I have a prior blog post featuring collages with turquoise in combination with seven other colors.

Aqua is the color that is sometimes called Tiffany blue. It is often seen in shabby chic designs paired with a mauvy-pink. For a classic combination, choose aqua with white.  Aqua is not seen as much as teal and turquoise and might be a good choice if you want a color that is more unique.

Collages Created by Sher Silver.

[Click each collage to see the full-size version.]

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