Five Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake

If you are having a winter wedding, you may be thinking about your cake. Do you want a wedding cake that doesn’t take the season in to consideration at all or do you want to embrace the season and have a cake that will be “at one” with it? If the latter sounds good to you, I have five wonderful winter theme ideas to share with you for your winter wedding cake design:

Winter Wedding  Cake Themes:

Snowman and Snow woman


If you are having an evening wedding, a sparkly wedding cake might be a good choice to capture the season and be appropriate for your level of formality. Silver and clear crystals are especially appropriate for winter as they seem to echo ice, snow and all things wintry more than other metals.
Theme_Ideas_ for_ Your_ Wonderful_ Winter_ Wedding_ Cake_ Sparkly

The snow couple cake works well for an informal winter wedding or if you just like the idea of a snow couple. This type of cake can be whimsical and add a lighthearted touch to your cake.
Theme_Ideas_ for_ Your_ Wonderful_ Winter_ Wedding_ Cake_ Snow Couple

Gingerbread is a traditional winter treat and a gingerbread wedding cake can go from simple to sensational. There is no limit to the amount of detail you can include.
Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake - Gingerbread

The beautiful berries, pine cones, pine branches, etc. that are prevalent in winter are perfect additions to your wedding cake. If you have a plain cake you can give it a wintry theme by adding decorations from Mother Nature and voilà … you have a winter wedding cake!
Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake - Nature

Snowflakes are magical and beautiful and are a perfect addition to your winter wedding cake. They lend themselves to some sparkles, if you want sparkly snowflakes!
Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake - Snowflakes

More winter inspiration can be found on our Winter Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes Pinterest Board and Winter Wedding Ideas Pinterest Board. And our popular blog post: Five Must-Have for Your Winter Wedding.

If you’re having a fall wedding you might enjoy Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Fall Wedding.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

If you are having a wedding in autumn you may want to consider a wedding cake that fits the season. Even if your wedding isn’t a fall-themed event, you may still want to have a wedding cake that reflects the season.

As you decide what you want your fall-themed wedding cake to look like, you may want to consider one of these three themes for your special cake.

Pumpkin Theme
Woodsy Theme
Fall Foliage Theme

The pumpkin is a quintessential fall symbol. As shown below, there are many ways you can incorporate pumpkins in to your wedding cake from making them the centerpiece of the cake to having them serve as a cake topper. Pumpkin-themed cakes often include fall foliage as well.
Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Fall Wedding - Pumpkins

If you don’t want a wedding cake that “screams” fall but yet want one that fits the season, you might want to consider a woodsy-themed wedding cake. A woodsy-themed cake uses natural elements such as various ferns and acorns along with colorful leaves. As you can see in the first cake on the second row, there are fall leaves with acorns along with woodsy elements. And while this cake definitely works perfectly for autumn, it is a subtle approach to the season.
Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Fall Wedding - Woodsy

Fall foliage is a natural for a wedding cake. And it combines perfectly with flowers, as shown in the second photo on the top row. There are many ways you can use seasonal foliage/leaves in a fall-themed wedding cake, as shown in the collage below.
Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Fall Wedding - Folliage


Collages created by Sher Silver.

Other Exclusively Weddings’ blog posts to help you with your fall wedding are Let Mother Nature Decorate Your Fall Wedding, Orange Color Combinations For Your Fall Wedding, White Pumpkins for Fall Wedding Decor, and Autumn Wedding Decor.

More fall wedding ideas on our Pinterest Board – Fall Wedding Ideas

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Your Wedding Cake – Six Trends You Don’t Want to Overlook

Your wedding cake is one of the main attractions at your reception. Not so long ago brides were opting for cupcakes instead of a wedding cake; but if the large amount of wedding cakes on Pinterest is an indication, brides are still loving having a “real” wedding cake.

I have to admit that I am a big fan of wedding cakes. One reason is that you can buy cupcakes throughout your life, but when will you ever have an occasion as special as a wedding to choose a spectacular and special cake!

In looking at our Colorful Wedding Cakes Pinterest Board and its over 600 photos and looking on Pinterest in general,  I noticed that there are six trends in wedding cake styles.  There are a lot more options, of course, than the categories below; but these are the styles that are trending. I hope this blog post will help you narrow down what you are looking for and help you find “the cake of a lifetime!”

  • Six Wedding Cake Trends:

Metallic Wedding Cake:
  Metallic cakes can be gold or silver …. or even copper! They have a dressy look so they are probably best for an evening or more formal wedding. Some in the collage below are almost all metallic, while others have just one or two metallic layers.

Sequined Wedding Cake: Another dressy cake that is on-trend is one with icing that looks like sequins. If, in general, you love things that sparkle … why not have a wedding cake that sparkles!

Ruffled Wedding Cake: Ruffles are girly and fun and this cake style can work with just about any wedding.  This look offers lots of options such as small ruffles all the way to really large ones. I have examples of each style in the collage below. Ruffles work wonderfully for ombré cakes, as you can see in the collage below this one.

Ombré Wedding Cake: Ombré colors are ones that go from one shade to another from dark to light or light to dark. As mentioned, above, the ruffled style works really well for the ombré style.

Black Wedding Cake: A very dramatic looking wedding cake can be accomplished using black icing. A black cake can easily look goth and unless that is what you are going for, be sure to have lighter elements on the cake as shown in the collage.  And if you love the last cake in the collage below, here is an interesting blog post about the baker’s inspiration for the cake and how she created it.

Unfrosted – Naked – Wedding Cake: Unfrosted wedding cakes (also called naked wedding cakes) are a rather new style. Unfrosted cakes work really well for rustic weddings because they have such a natural look. Some brides are afraid of this style because they are worried that the cake could dry out because it doesn’t have frosting. If you want more information on cake #4 below or unfrosted cakes in general, The Cake Blog features this cake and shares some tips from the baker at Carried Away Cuisine. One tip is how to keep the cake from drying out: “She coats the cake itself with a clear-drying citrus glaze before torting and filling. This protects the outside edge without changing the overall appearance.”

Click collages to see them full size.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Five Perfect Designs for Your Beach Wedding Cake

If you’re having a beach wedding you are probably going to need a wedding cake! Beach wedding cakes can range from a very creative, elaborate beach theme to a subtle beach design or simply a “beachy” color.

Most cakes for beach weddings usually fall in to five design styles:

Embellished with:
 . Beach Chairs
 . Shells & Starfish
 . Tropical Flowers

. Nautical Design

. Ocean Colors

Even if you aren’t having a wedding on the beach but are a couple who loves the beach, you might want to consider a beach-themed wedding cake, too!

Beach wedding cakes often include edible sand and other beach symbols to create a scene. There are several ways to create the edible sand. I’ve read about good results using crushed graham crackers, either alone or mixed with a little brown sugar and a chocolate graham cracker. For lots of recipes, just Google “edible sand”. The Wilton website has a very good tutorial on making beach-themed cakes.

A pair of beach chairs is an addition that is often seen on beach wedding cakes. This embellishment really makes it clear that this is a beach wedding! The chairs are usually the centerpiece of an entire beach scene that includes edible sand and seashells. The two chairs are a perfect symbol for representing the bride and groom.

With seashells and starfish, there is no mistaking that this is a beach cake. The design can be subtle as seen in the first and last photos in the collage below or more obvious as seen in the other designs.

Tropical flowers are an entirely different look from the beach chairs and shells & starfish designs. You can go from a sophisticated look with orchids or for something casual, as seen in the last three photos below.

A nautical-themed cake works for a beach wedding and for any venue that has water. It also is a fun cake theme if you enjoy water sports, boating, etc. Even though all of the cakes below have a nautical theme, they are very different from each other ranging from whimsical to sophisticated.

If you want a beach-themed cake but want the theme to be subtle, just go with ocean or beach-related colors and a design that simulates waves or beach symbols.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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More Beach Wedding ideas are on our Pinterest board and over 75 cakes on our Beach Wedding Cakes Pinterest board. Some great beach wedding ideas in a prior blog post, too!

Exclusively Weddings has lots of great beach wedding accessories.

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Colorful Wedding Invitations . . . With Cakes to Match

The wedding invitation you choose will help set the tone for your wedding, so finding the perfect invitation is obviously an important wedding-planning task. And when you find that very special invitation design/color that is just what you have been looking for, chances are that you will also love it interpreted on to your wedding cake.

To help you see the possibilities of using your invitation design/color on your wedding cake, I’ve put together a dozen options in a variety of styles and colors by pairing an Exclusively Weddings’ invitation with a coordinating cake from our Colorful Wedding Cakes Pinterest board.

First up is Chevron.  Chevron is definitely trending for 2014! We see it in women’s fashion, home décor, accessories …. just about everything! And of course Chevron is also popular for wedding invitations and it is a design that will translate with perfection on to a wedding cake.

At least one chalkboard accessory is seen in most all rustic and casual weddings from signs to caketops and of course cakes and invitations, too!

Roses have been a popular wedding flower for generations but yellow roses takes it up a notch for a modern look. Watercolor Roses, as seen here in yellow, is an easy transition on to a stylish, ombré, wedding cake.

Cherry Blossoms
are perfect for a spring wedding as they signify the beginning of spring in many areas of the U.S. The artistic cherry blossom design is particularly gorgeous on an invitation and equally so, on a wedding cake.
Watercolor Cherry Blossoms Wedding Invitation

For a splash of color or for accenting a vibrant palette, you can’t go wrong with a poppy …or a few!

For a little fun, go with a “Lucky in Love” invitation choice! The pink and cool-tone green translate easily in to a yummy wedding cake design, too.

Purple is always a popular wedding color and the rose is a popular wedding flower. The Watercolor Roses design combines both favorites for a design that works both for an invitation and a cake!

If you are having a beach wedding, you may want to use seashells in your décor, cake and in your invitation.

Sunny colors of gold, green and pink in your wedding invitation can be translated in to a floral design in your wedding cake. For spring and summer weddings, this is a palette that is a perfect fit.

is a popular accent for weddings in 2014 and it works equally well in the design of a wedding invitation and wedding cake.

A monogram is always in style and it is trending strong in 2014. And you can’t go wrong with black and white. A black and white Damask design with a monogram is the ultimate in classic style!

It seems like every few years gold is a top trend and now it is happening in 2014! Gold is perfect with neutrals white or ivory or paired with a choice of pink, mint green, navy, and more! Nothing dazzles quite like gold!

For more details on the wedding invitations that are shown in each of the pairs above, just click the hyperlinked text in the verbiage that is above each photo. It will take you to the invitation’s product details page on the Exclusively Weddings’ site.

If you want to order free invitation samples, this page on the Exclusively Weddings’ website will get you started. (By the way, they are 100% free when shipped within the U.S. No credit card is needed.)

Collages created by Sher Silver – Exclusively Weddings
Click images for full-size versions.

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30 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding for Less

30 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding for LessNew Blog Feature! For the next ten weeks I will share three money-saving ideas in each blog post for a total of 30 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding for Less. In addition to listing my tips, I will give you resources and photos so you can actually use the tips! I hope you will enjoy this addition to the blog!

In this first post in the series, I’ll cover money-saving ideas for your wedding cake, bouquet and reception tables.

Tip 1.  Wedding Cake. This week’s three money-saving wedding tips starts with the wedding cake. Choose an alternative to a large, elaborate wedding cake and go with a small cake instead. A small cake will require less work in making and transporting than a large one and will therefore cost you less; however, it will still be fine for your ceremonial cake cutting. You may be wondering what to serve your guests if you have a small wedding cake. Here are a couple options: Cupcakes. Cupcakes are less expensive and require less expertise than creating a wedding cake. And by serving your guests cupcakes, you will avoid a cake cutting fee from the venue, which can be around $1.50 per person. Sheet Cake.  Another option is to supplement your small cake with a sheet cake, which is cut “behind the scenes” and then served.  A simple sheet cake is less expensive to make and easier to cut than a multi-tiered wedding cake.

Our Cupcakes Pinterest board has lots of photos to help with ideas.

The photo below is  from Taylor and Andrew’s wedding and shows how a small cake with cupcakes can work wonderfully!
Wedding Cupcakes
Photo Source

Tip 2.  Bridal Bouquet. There are several ways to save on your bridal bouquet with varying degrees of savings. I’ll start with two very obvious points: A small bouquet will cost less than a large one and flowers sourced locally will cost less than flowers flown in from far away. If your budget is very small, I suggest that you pick up “cash and carry” flowers and tie them in to a hand-tied bouquet. I searched the Internet to find you a tutorial on how to make a hand-tied bouquet. The one I found has easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. My favorite tip from the site is “Practice beforehand. Don’t wait until the day before the wedding to give bouquet making a try”!
Hand-Tied Bouquets

If you work with a florist, be sure and let her know your budget and be willing to use flowers that are less expensive such as roses instead of orchids. Using fillers of greenery and/or baby’s breath in the bouquet is a way to stretch your budget, also. We have two Pinterest boards with lots of bouquets to help with ideas. Be sure to show your florist (if using one) photos of bouquets you like.
Colorful BouquetsWhite Bouquets

The bouquet below is a hand-tied rose bouquet with the addition of sprigs of rosemary.
Rose Bouquet with Rosemary
Photo Source – Click to Enlarge

And if you are getting married in early spring, you may want to consider a Daffodil bouquet. Daffodils are profuse in the spring in many areas of the U.S. and you might even be able to get them at no cost at all. If you have enough time, you could even plant bulbs yourself to harvest in time for the wedding. In the photo below, the addition of a decorative wrap and embellishment elevates the look.
How to Make a Daffodil Bouquet
Daffodil Wedding Bouquet
Photo Source – Click Photo to Enlarge

Tip 3.  Large Reception Tables. By using larger, and therefore fewer, tables you will need fewer centerpieces and tablecloths. Along those lines, I especially love the idea of long, rectangular tables because they create a “family-style”, friendly ambiance and therefore encourage conversation.

Sometimes when using round tables it can be difficult to get a “decorator” look with DIY centerpieces. But long tables are very forgiving! You can use plain bottles or bottles decorated with ribbon or twine and add cut flowers and your tables will look lovely. Empty wine bottles, beer bottles, and other glass bottles will work just fine. Check with local restaurants and see if they will give you their “empties”. Our DIY Centerpieces Pinterest board has lots of ideas as does our Wedding Reception Tablescapes board. Wedding Reception Tablescape
Photo Source – Click Photo to Enlarge

Additional Resources in My Other Blog Posts:
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A Cake For The Groom

Groom's CakeEveryone is familiar with the traditional wedding cake and almost all couples have a sumptuous creation. Another dessert that you might want to include is the groom’s cake. The groom’s cake is a great addition to the wedding dessert selection and one that will surely delight your groom.

A groom’s cake is typically a surprise for him from his bride. The flavor is most-often chocolate and the range of designs is endless.

Designs for the groom’s cake seem to fall in to three groups. One is to have a rich, chocolate cake in a traditional shape with accents of chocolate-dipped strawberries. Another is for the cake to be decorated suggestive of a tuxedo. If you don’t want to go with the complexity of a custom design, the chocolate cake or tuxedo cake is a good way to go.

If you have access to a creative baker, you can work with him/her to design a cake with a fun theme that reflects the groom’s hobby or special interest. Even though the wedding cake tends to follow tradition, anything goes when it comes to the groom’s cake!

Choosing a groom’s cake that reflects the groom’s favorite hobby is a perfect way to include his hobby without making it part of the overall wedding décor. For example, sometimes a groom will want to have a hunting theme or race car theme but in most cases these types of themes don’t work well for a wedding and reception. Having a special groom’s cake that goes all out to showcase his theme may be the answer.

Your groom will likely be thrilled to have a cake made with him in mind and will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Chocolate and strawberries are a popular combination for the groom’s cake.Chocolate with Strawberries

A cake that is reminiscent of a tuxedo is also a popular design.Tuxedo Design Groom's Cakes

For a design that will surely “wow” your groom, choose to replicate his hobby, college team, sports team, or any other of his favorite things!Groom's Cakes

And if you want to incorporte the groom’s cake with the wedding cake, you can go with something entirely unique like this cake!Unique Dual-Purpose Cake

For more ideas for your groom’s cake, see our Pinterest board where we have over 150 cakes to inspire you. Follow our boards to make sure you are updated with our most recent pins: Groom’s Cake Board on Pinterest

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