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Sher Silver has been active in the bridal industry for more than 25 years. She was on the Pace Communications’ team that launched Elegant Bride magazine and she served as its VP/General Manager. In 1991, she was asked to start up the Exclusively Weddings’ division for Pace and develop its catalog and product line of wedding accessories, favors and wedding party gifts. Once the original assortment of products was successful, she soon laid the groundwork for adding wedding invitations to Exclusively Weddings’ assortment. This included printing them in-house, so that exacting standards could be adhered to. She brought together an array of wedding invitation designs and price points that incorporated a mix of styles from classic to contemporary. Elegant and tasteful, these invitations set a fresh, new precedent in the industry and Exclusively Weddings continues to be known for offering invitations with both style and value. In addition, Sher has a passion for developing products that make it easier for brides to plan their weddings. She conceived, developed, and was editorial director of The Handbook of Wedding Invitations and the popular wedding planning system, The Organized Bride®. She has also created a wide variety of innovative, best-selling wedding products such as personalized wedding day totes for bridesmaids, Daddy’s Girl® frame, “To Dry Your Tears®” hanky for mother of the bride, personalized pouches for wedding rings, wedding welcome bags for out of town guests and more! Sher loves helping brides with questions they may have about their big day and providing valuable information and ideas to make wedding planning easier.

Festive Cocktails For Your Winter Wedding

If you are having a winter wedding, you might want to consider having a signature cocktail that reflects the season. If not for your wedding, then maybe for your rehearsal dinner, shower or for holiday entertaining in your home.

Adding a seasonal embellishment to the cocktail immediately gives it a festive air. There are three embellishments that automatically make one think of winter:

Candy Canes

Embellishing a simple cocktail with a candy cane, pomegranates or cranberries immediately makes it say “winter”!

Candy Canes can be added to your cocktail by dipping the glass rim in to crushed candy canes. Dip the rim of the glass in to marshmallow topping or something similar first to help hold the crushed candy cane in place. And you can add a whole candy cane to the glass, as well.
Candy Cane Cocktails

Pomegranates are another element that can be added to “winterize” your cocktails! They are easy to add as an embellishment as shown below.


Cranberry juice or cranberry cocktail can easily be the base for your signature drink. Cranberries look especially nice when paired with fresh rosemary as an embellishment (as shown below). Just putting cranberries on a decorative toothpick takes your cocktail up a notch!

Festive_Cocktails_for_Your_Winter_Wedding_Cranberry Cocktail

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Pinterest boards.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Cozy Wedding Wraps – 5 Stylish Choices to Keep You Warm

If you are having a fall or winter wedding you may want to consider adding a wrap to  your wedding attire. It can create a new dimension to your overall look and at the same time will keep you cozy and warm.

There are quite a few wedding wrap options. Here are 5 great choices for you:

Cardigan Sweater

The style of your wrap should complement your gown and the formality of your wedding. For example, a fur stole would not be the best choice for a casual backyard wedding, but a vintage shawl would be perfect.

And don’t be afraid to add color as seen in many of the photos below. Coordinating the color of your wrap with your flowers creates a beautiful vision.

One way to create a unique look is to look in vintage shops for a wrap that will add a special touch. The last shawl in the first collage below is vintage.

When looking for photos for this post I came across a lot of Etsy sellers who make wedding wraps, so you may want to look in to that option, as well.

Take a look at the collages I created for you below and find the wrap that is perfect for you! There are more choices on our Pinterest board.

Cozy Wedding Wraps - 5 Styles to Keep You Warm - Shawl





Our Pinterest boards have lots of Autumn and Winter Wedding Ideas.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Five Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake

If you are having a winter wedding, you may be thinking about your cake. Do you want a wedding cake that doesn’t take the season in to consideration at all or do you want to embrace the season and have a cake that will be “at one” with it? If the latter sounds good to you, I have five wonderful winter theme ideas to share with you for your winter wedding cake design:

Winter Wedding  Cake Themes:

Snowman and Snow woman


If you are having an evening wedding, a sparkly wedding cake might be a good choice to capture the season and be appropriate for your level of formality. Silver and clear crystals are especially appropriate for winter as they seem to echo ice, snow and all things wintry more than other metals.
Theme_Ideas_ for_ Your_ Wonderful_ Winter_ Wedding_ Cake_ Sparkly

The snow couple cake works well for an informal winter wedding or if you just like the idea of a snow couple. This type of cake can be whimsical and add a lighthearted touch to your cake.
Theme_Ideas_ for_ Your_ Wonderful_ Winter_ Wedding_ Cake_ Snow Couple

Gingerbread is a traditional winter treat and a gingerbread wedding cake can go from simple to sensational. There is no limit to the amount of detail you can include.
Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake - Gingerbread

The beautiful berries, pine cones, pine branches, etc. that are prevalent in winter are perfect additions to your wedding cake. If you have a plain cake you can give it a wintry theme by adding decorations from Mother Nature and voilà … you have a winter wedding cake!
Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake - Nature

Snowflakes are magical and beautiful and are a perfect addition to your winter wedding cake. They lend themselves to some sparkles, if you want sparkly snowflakes!
Theme Ideas for Your Wonderful Winter Wedding Cake - Snowflakes

More winter inspiration can be found on our Winter Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes Pinterest Board and Winter Wedding Ideas Pinterest Board. And our popular blog post: Five Must-Have for Your Winter Wedding.

If you’re having a fall wedding you might enjoy Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Fall Wedding.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

If you are having a wedding in autumn you may want to consider a wedding cake that fits the season. Even if your wedding isn’t a fall-themed event, you may still want to have a wedding cake that reflects the season.

As you decide what you want your fall-themed wedding cake to look like, you may want to consider one of these three themes for your special cake.

Pumpkin Theme
Woodsy Theme
Fall Foliage Theme

The pumpkin is a quintessential fall symbol. As shown below, there are many ways you can incorporate pumpkins in to your wedding cake from making them the centerpiece of the cake to having them serve as a cake topper. Pumpkin-themed cakes often include fall foliage as well.
Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Fall Wedding - Pumpkins

If you don’t want a wedding cake that “screams” fall but yet want one that fits the season, you might want to consider a woodsy-themed wedding cake. A woodsy-themed cake uses natural elements such as various ferns and acorns along with colorful leaves. As you can see in the first cake on the second row, there are fall leaves with acorns along with woodsy elements. And while this cake definitely works perfectly for autumn, it is a subtle approach to the season.
Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Fall Wedding - Woodsy

Fall foliage is a natural for a wedding cake. And it combines perfectly with flowers, as shown in the second photo on the top row. There are many ways you can use seasonal foliage/leaves in a fall-themed wedding cake, as shown in the collage below.
Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Fall Wedding - Folliage


Collages created by Sher Silver.

Other Exclusively Weddings’ blog posts to help you with your fall wedding are Let Mother Nature Decorate Your Fall Wedding, Orange Color Combinations For Your Fall Wedding, White Pumpkins for Fall Wedding Decor, and Autumn Wedding Decor.

More fall wedding ideas on our Pinterest Board – Fall Wedding Ideas

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Your Wedding Colors – Pair Pink With a Neutral for a Groom-Friendly Palette

Ahh Pink! All little girls love pink and lots of big girls do too! It is a classic wedding color that creates a beautiful wedding palette. But let’s face it … pink can be considered a bit too “girly” by your groom and he may not feel the love for it. After all, even for babies …. pink is for girls and blue is for boys.

So, if you love pink and have always dreamed of a pink wedding, consider adding a neutral color to make it more “groom-friendly”.  The addition of a neutral such as gray, silver, brown, black or gold can make a pink wedding color more pleasing to your groom.

Pink and Gray Wedding Colors: I have to admit, I think pink and gray is a gorgeous combination! The gray really brings out the best in pink! It is especially appealing when a soft tone of pink is used, as shown below. This combination is versatile and works just about any time of year and in most all settings.

Pink and Silver Wedding Colors: If you love pink and gray but want to glam it up a bit, then use silver instead of gray. And you can always mix the two neutrals and use a pop of silver here and there with gray. I especially like pink and silver for winter weddings.
Pink_and _Silver_Wedding_Colors

Pink and Brown Wedding Colors: Pink and brown is another combination that can work in any season and in most all venues … for formal and informal weddings. This combination also looks best with a softer shade of pink to add contrast with the brown. I think it may be the most “groom-friendly” of all the combinations.

Pink and Black Wedding Colors: There is a somewhat dressy vibe with this combination and I think it works particularly well for evening weddings and for fall and winter weddings. Be sure and add white with it to help the pink and black pop!
Pink_and_Black_ Wedding

Pink and Gold Wedding Colors: The addition of gold with pink definitely makes the color palette more formal and elegant. This combination looks wonderful for an evening wedding. It can work in all seasons but I think it makes for a fresh palette for a winter wedding, too.

For more ideas see our Pink Wedding Ideas Pinterest board with over 200 photos and Pink From Exclusively Weddings Pinterest board.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Your Wedding Color – Pair With a Metallic for Stunning Shine

If you want to add something “extra” to your wedding color palette, consider adding a metallic color such as gold, silver or copper. Metallic colors work especially well in winter months and in evening weddings. However, if you were to use a metallic color outdoors on a hot, sunny day, you would have reflections off the metal and it would just add to the intensity of the heat.

Tip: The time of day for the wedding, season and venue need to be considered when choosing your wedding colors.

Pink and Gold Wedding & Pink and Silver Wedding – If you want to add sophistication to pink, consider adding a metallic. Pink can come off as a girly color that may not appeal to your groom; but if you add silver or gold to it, it takes it to a new level, as you can see in the two collages below.
Pink and Silver Wedding

Purple and Gold Wedding & Purple and Silver Wedding – Purple is a popular wedding color that looks gorgeous when paired with a metallic. Purple already is associated with royalty and when paired with gold, it has an especially regal look. When paired with silver, it looks very fresh and modern.

Mint and Gold Wedding – Mint is a luscious color and it is often paired with soft pink or powder blue. But when you put mint and gold together you have a combination that is unexpected and sophisticated.
Mint_and Gold_Wedding 2014

Royal Blue and Silver Wedding – Royal Blue is a color that has universal appeal and one that your groom is likely to feel comfortable with. When you add silver with royal blue, you have a combination that works beautifully … especially for a winter wedding.
Royal Blue and Silver Wedding

Teal and Copper Wedding – There was a time when the only metallics we saw in weddings were gold and silver but now copper has become quite popular. However, I think copper can be a little more challenging to work with because it is not as easy to find accessories that are made of copper or are copper colored. Copper can add a fresh look to your wedding colors, though, and may be worth a try!

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Your Wedding Cake – Six Trends You Don’t Want to Overlook

Your wedding cake is one of the main attractions at your reception. Not so long ago brides were opting for cupcakes instead of a wedding cake; but if the large amount of wedding cakes on Pinterest is an indication, brides are still loving having a “real” wedding cake.

I have to admit that I am a big fan of wedding cakes. One reason is that you can buy cupcakes throughout your life, but when will you ever have an occasion as special as a wedding to choose a spectacular and special cake!

In looking at our Colorful Wedding Cakes Pinterest Board and its over 600 photos and looking on Pinterest in general,  I noticed that there are six trends in wedding cake styles.  There are a lot more options, of course, than the categories below; but these are the styles that are trending. I hope this blog post will help you narrow down what you are looking for and help you find “the cake of a lifetime!”

  • Six Wedding Cake Trends:

Metallic Wedding Cake:
  Metallic cakes can be gold or silver …. or even copper! They have a dressy look so they are probably best for an evening or more formal wedding. Some in the collage below are almost all metallic, while others have just one or two metallic layers.

Sequined Wedding Cake: Another dressy cake that is on-trend is one with icing that looks like sequins. If, in general, you love things that sparkle … why not have a wedding cake that sparkles!

Ruffled Wedding Cake: Ruffles are girly and fun and this cake style can work with just about any wedding.  This look offers lots of options such as small ruffles all the way to really large ones. I have examples of each style in the collage below. Ruffles work wonderfully for ombré cakes, as you can see in the collage below this one.

Ombré Wedding Cake: Ombré colors are ones that go from one shade to another from dark to light or light to dark. As mentioned, above, the ruffled style works really well for the ombré style.

Black Wedding Cake: A very dramatic looking wedding cake can be accomplished using black icing. A black cake can easily look goth and unless that is what you are going for, be sure to have lighter elements on the cake as shown in the collage.  And if you love the last cake in the collage below, here is an interesting blog post about the baker’s inspiration for the cake and how she created it.

Unfrosted – Naked – Wedding Cake: Unfrosted wedding cakes (also called naked wedding cakes) are a rather new style. Unfrosted cakes work really well for rustic weddings because they have such a natural look. Some brides are afraid of this style because they are worried that the cake could dry out because it doesn’t have frosting. If you want more information on cake #4 below or unfrosted cakes in general, The Cake Blog features this cake and shares some tips from the baker at Carried Away Cuisine. One tip is how to keep the cake from drying out: “She coats the cake itself with a clear-drying citrus glaze before torting and filling. This protects the outside edge without changing the overall appearance.”

Click collages to see them full size.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

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