Your Wedding Color – 4 Reasons To Be In Sync With Your Wedding Season and Venue

Choosing your wedding color(s) is an important and often difficult wedding decision. So how do you choose? Your first instinct may be to go with your favorite color, your groom’s favorite color or the latest color trend. But there is one consideration that you may not have thought of and that is to choose your color based on the season in which you are getting married and the natural seasonal elements of your venue.

There are several reasons why it is a good idea for your colors to be “in sync” with your wedding season and venue:

(1) You can create a beautiful scene outdoors thanks to Mother Nature. If you are having an outdoor wedding, the natural foliage at the venue can be a backdrop for your wedding. Perhaps the venue will have lots of flowering trees in pink or lavender at the time of your wedding.  Or if your wedding is in the fall, you will likely have a backdrop of leaves in luscious reds, golds, and yellows. Use nature’s colors as your wedding colors for a totally coordinated look with the season and scenery.

(2) You can create gorgeous outdoor photos. When your wedding colors fit the season and venue you can create amazing wedding photos, as seen in the photos below.

(3) You can use natural elements in your decor.  In the winter you can use branches with red berries and pine tree branches in your décor. If you use a soft pink wedding color in December, there really won’t be many natural elements that would work. If, instead, you use rich, saturated colors you will find lots of inexpensive and easy-to-obtain items for your winter décor.  Or in the fall you can use colorful leaves and branches for decoration, but only if they coordinate with your colors. If you make sure your colors will work with natural elements, you can save money by using them.

(4) You can create a more cohesive look. You want your wedding to be beautiful and one thing that will help in that regard is for it to have a coordinated palette and to be “in sync” with the season and surroundings. For example, if you use soft, baby blue for a fall wedding it will be at odds with what is going on in the environment. Your guests will be in to saturated colors, the leaves will be turning (in most areas of the country) and there will be a chill in the air. Beachy colors, for example, will be at odds with what is going on around you. You will be more in sync if you don’t have spring décor during the fall season and vice versa.

The photo of a spring/summer wedding below shows how perfectly the wedding colors fit in with the seasonal scenery and allows for a gorgeous photograph. If the wedding colors had been orange or red, this photo just wouldn’t have the impact that it does.
Spring Weddings - 4 Reasons to be in Sync With Your Wedding Season

You can tell the wedding below is in winter without even seeing the snow. The bouquet’s colors and foliage are “at one” with the season.
Winter Wedding - 4 Reasons To Be In Sync With Your Wedding Season

The photos of the wedding below shows how perfectly colors can be coordinated with the season and venue. The yellow wedding color works perfectly with the gorgeous scenery to create a vision that is drool worthy! You can see more gorgeous pictures from this fall wedding at the photographer’s blog.
Fall Wedding - 4 Reasons To Be In Sync With Your Wedding Season

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