Five Perfect Designs for Your Beach Wedding Cake

If you’re having a beach wedding you are probably going to need a wedding cake! Beach wedding cakes can range from a very creative, elaborate beach theme to a subtle beach design or simply a “beachy” color.

Most cakes for beach weddings usually fall in to five design styles:

Embellished with:
 . Beach Chairs
 . Shells & Starfish
 . Tropical Flowers

. Nautical Design

. Ocean Colors

Even if you aren’t having a wedding on the beach but are a couple who loves the beach, you might want to consider a beach-themed wedding cake, too!

Beach wedding cakes often include edible sand and other beach symbols to create a scene. There are several ways to create the edible sand. I’ve read about good results using crushed graham crackers, either alone or mixed with a little brown sugar and a chocolate graham cracker. For lots of recipes, just Google “edible sand”. The Wilton website has a very good tutorial on making beach-themed cakes.

A pair of beach chairs is an addition that is often seen on beach wedding cakes. This embellishment really makes it clear that this is a beach wedding! The chairs are usually the centerpiece of an entire beach scene that includes edible sand and seashells. The two chairs are a perfect symbol for representing the bride and groom.

With seashells and starfish, there is no mistaking that this is a beach cake. The design can be subtle as seen in the first and last photos in the collage below or more obvious as seen in the other designs.

Tropical flowers are an entirely different look from the beach chairs and shells & starfish designs. You can go from a sophisticated look with orchids or for something casual, as seen in the last three photos below.

A nautical-themed cake works for a beach wedding and for any venue that has water. It also is a fun cake theme if you enjoy water sports, boating, etc. Even though all of the cakes below have a nautical theme, they are very different from each other ranging from whimsical to sophisticated.

If you want a beach-themed cake but want the theme to be subtle, just go with ocean or beach-related colors and a design that simulates waves or beach symbols.

Collages created by Sher Silver.

Click each collage twice for a full-size version.

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More Beach Wedding ideas are on our Pinterest board and over 75 cakes on our Beach Wedding Cakes Pinterest board. Some great beach wedding ideas in a prior blog post, too!

Exclusively Weddings has lots of great beach wedding accessories.

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Your Wedding Color – Don’t Overlook Five Luscious Shades of Purple

Purple Wedding Color – Purple continues to be a popular and beloved wedding color, just as it has been for several decades. The color purple includes a wide variety of shades from traditional “royal” purple to the purples that have blue or red undertones. Whichever shade of purple you choose as your wedding color, feel free to mix it with other purple shades. They look wonderful together such as seen in the bride’s wedding bouquet below.

Even though there are many, many shades of purple, for this post I have narrowed it down to Purple, Pale Purple, Lavender, Orchid and Plum.


I chose purple colors that offer you a range of colors in the purple family. This will get you in the “ball park” of what color you want to use and then you may want to go lighter, darker or change the tone slightly. I suggest that you choose your bridesmaids’ dresses first before completely locking in your color. It will be a lot less stressful for you that way.

Purple, as shown below, is seen on a color wheel as a blue-purple (also called blue-violet) but I chose it for this post because it is “generic purple” and what most people think of when hearing “purple”. It is somewhat dramatic and usually is a wedding color that “wows”! It looks particularly beautiful with turquoise and royal blue but don’t limit your choices … consider orange, pink, red, silver, gold and more!

Pale Purple is a softer version of purple and it has a slight gray tone to it. This is a color that is often called lavender but they are not the same, as you will see in two collages below. Pale Purple is an especially good choice for spring and summer weddings.

Lavender is often called a “pinkish purple”. It is a little more sophisticated than pale purple and like most all purple shades, it works well with green or blue. As shown in a couple photos in the collage below, it also is stunning with gold!

Orchid is pink-ish purple shade that is similar to lavender, but it has a little more pink in it. It is a shade of one of the varieties of the orchid flower. If you love orchids, this would be a good choice for you! In 2014 a special shade of orchid called Radiant Orchid was chosen as the Color of the Year by Pantone.

Plum is the darkest of all the shades I am showing here. It is similar to the colors of aubergine, prune, eggplant, burgundy, and wine, to name a few. This is a good choice for fall as it pairs really well with gray and with orange. And  I think plum paired with silver is a particularly gorgeous combination.

And if you can’t decide on a color … try combining a few or all!
Shades of Purple

Collages Created by Sher Silver.

Click the photos for a large version and once again for a huge version!

Please note that in the collages I used just one color to help you see the impact of the color. In reality, you will likely want to mix it with other tones of the color and/or other colors.

Inspiration and Ideas on our Purple Pinterest Board.

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Your Wedding Invitation and Your Wedding Colors, Part 3

A couple months’ ago I posted, The 10 All-Time Most Popular Wedding Colors and while I was writing the post, I wondered which of Exclusively Weddings’ wedding invitations would work best with the featured colors. And then that thought reminded me of a post I did last year, Your Wedding Invitation and your Wedding Colors, Part 2. So I decided to do a new post similar to last year’s, but this time I am featuring some of the colors from the “most popular wedding colors” post.

Most brides want their wedding invitations to reflect the tone and style of their weddings and that usually includes the wedding color, too. I hope that the pairing below will help you see the possibilities!

[Click each collage for a larger view; click each invitation to go to its page on the Exclusively Weddings’ site.]

A Black and White Wedding theme is a classic, and the Deco Damask Wedding Invitation reflects a classic sophistication.

Coral is such a “fresh’ color and looks especially lovely when paired with white, as shown in the collage and in the Coral Chevron Wedding Invitation.

Turquoise is shown in the collage with a beach theme, as it is a color that works really well for a beach wedding. The Retro Stripes Wedding Invitation with its classic cabana stripes gives a “beach vibe” with a subtle touch.

Red is the color of love and it shows its full impact in the First Comes Love Wedding Invitation.

When you want to add sophistication to pink, pair it with black as shown in the collage and in the Sophisticated Script Wedding Invitation.
Pink and Black Wedding Colors

Green is such a fresh color, especially in a warm tone, as shown in the collage and also in the Cherished Love Wedding Invitation.

Exclusively Weddings offers free wedding invitation samples to help you choose “the one”. Shipping is on us and no credit card number is needed.

Collages created by Sher Silver – Exclusively Weddings

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Impress Your Wedding Reception Guests … Serve the Meal in Shooters

  • veg for inset at topTrying to figure out what sort of meal service you want at your wedding reception luncheon or dinner can be a challenge.  For example, do you want a sit-down dinner, a buffet, or hors d’oeuvres only? If want your guests to be impressed with your creativity, consider serving some or all of the food in shooters, especially if you are DIY-ing some or all of your reception meal. It really is easier than you might think!

Some key points to keep in mind …

Serving your guests in shooters can add a “wow factor” to your reception and it is likely to be less expensive than the other options. For example, if you want to serve shrimp, you would need to have quite a lot of it to amply fill a large bowl that your guests will likely hover around! They can end up eating a lot of shrimp! By putting one or two shrimp in a shooter, you will likely see that you can buy less shrimp and still keep your guests happy!

If you decide to serve your guests a meal using shooters, you will need a variety of foods choices and they will need to be substantial enough to be seen by your guests as a meal rather than as hors d’oeuvres.

If you and your friends/family are catering the meal yourselves, I think you will find it a lot easier to create a beautiful buffet if you use shooters. Unless you are experienced in setting up buffets and making food look attractive, it can be a challenge. However, when you use shooters, you are already on your way to “wow-ing” them because the shooters themselves create a lot of interest. Just place them on lovely trays such a mirror and bamboo, or cover a tray in fluffy lettuce and nestle your glasses in it. A fresh orchid adds a lot of pizazz, as well. Oh, and when setting up a buffet table be sure to put risers (can be a stack of books, boxes, etc.) under the tablecloth so your food will be on various levels.

You’ll need to decide if you want glass or plastic shot glasses and if you want to buy them or rent them. Plastic is much less expensive to buy than glass and party stores sell them for around inset photo soup$8.00 for 100. Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the stores that carries a variety of glass shot glasses. Do a search and compare prices. I found a lot of options using “shot glasses” and “plastic shot glasses” as the search terms. Of course, don’t forget to compare prices for buying vs. renting.

Shot glasses come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so choose what works best for the recipes you have planned. Having shooters in the right shape can make a big difference in the presentation. For example, in the first collage, first photo in last row, notice how the shrimp and shot glass fit perfectly together.  Raw vegetables do particularly well in a shape that is more narrow at the bottom and wider at the top. This way it is easy for them to stand up because they are crowded at the more narrow bottom, but at the top there is plenty of room for celery leaves, broccoli florets, etc.

In this post I’ll give you ideas on how to create …

  • Shrimp Shooters
  • Soup & Sandwich Shooters
  • Vegetable (Salad) Shooters

I’ll cover dessert and beverage shooters in a future post.

[Click each collage once for an enlarged version … twice for a humongous version!]

Shooters iimage for top of pageShrimp Shooters: In the collage below I’ve included several ideas of how you can serve shrimp in shooters. Some of the dishes show cocktail sauce in the glass but others show a combination of shrimp and another food such as in the fourth and fifth photos of Bloody Mary with Shrimp and Shrimp with Gazpacho.  The last two images show a unique way to serve the shrimp with a cracker on top of the glass … in this case it is a tortilla.

As you can see in the collage, you can serve shrimp in shooters as simply as putting some cocktail sauce in a shooter glass and adding one or two boiled shrimp. If you go this route be sure to add a little something extra, such as a piece of Romaine Lettuce or Italian Parsley to dress it up a bit.


soup for insetSoup & Sandwich Shooters: I think everyone loves soup and a sandwich. It is comfort food and sends a good vibe and most of you can probably make this without even looking at a recipe. The key is the presentation and the collage below shows you several ways to cut the sandwiches and to create the soup/sandwich combination. And for a different twist on it, the last photo on the 2nd row features Tomato Basil Soup with a Brie sandwich, rather than plain tomato soup with a cheddar or American cheese sandwich.


veg for insetVegetable Shooters: Putting vegetables in shooters will likely be a lot easier than creating a fancy vegetable display. I don’t know about you but I have noticed that most people don’t even eat the vegetables in a large display. I’m not sure why that is! But I do think that having a “cute” little cup with dressing at the bottom with a few fresh vegetables just makes it more inviting. Small tomatoes, shown on the top row, add visual interest. And make sure to include vegetables in a variety of colors and textures. Asparagus adds a nice touch as does a celery heart with its leaves. The first photo on the 2nd row shows a different approach to the vegetable shooters by including an exotic Baba Ghanouj as the dressing.


And one final tip … I found an idea on the Host the Toast blog that I want to share with you. It’s a perfect garnish for your recipes served in shooters:
“Slice your green onions vertically in half, and then halve them again, and again until they are very thin. Then drop them in a bowl of ice water, stir them around a bit to separate them, and then place the bowl in the refrigerator. … Remove the bowl of green onions from the fridge. Garnish with the ones that have curled up to your liking, and serve immediately.”

More shooter meals can be found on our dedicated Pinterest board.

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