10 Awesome Wedding Colors You Haven’t Thought Of

When choosing your wedding color you may gravitate toward a color that you have always loved or a color that you have seen in a friend’s wedding … or a color that your fiancé happens to like. But if you are tired of seeing the same colors being used over and over and you want to use one that is a little different from the status quo, I have chosen 10 wedding colors that you should consider:

  • Radiant Orchid
  • Cobalt
  • Plum
  • Aqua
  • Copper
  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Chartreuse
  • Moss
  • Emerald

While most of these choices can be paired with a variety of colors, my collages shown here are mostly just one color. I did that so you can see the impact of the color and “get to know it” before you think about a second or third color to go with it.

We’re all familiar with the color purple and most everyone loves it! But if you are considering purple, why not move on from the expected and instead choose Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014. Pantone’s official statement about Radiant Orchid brings the color to life, “An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”  As shown in the collage below, a luscious wedding palette can include Radiant Orchid paired with a range of purple shades.
Radiant Orchid Wedding

If you love blue, then Cobalt may be the color for you! Cobalt is a very saturated, vibrant shade of blue that steps it up a notch from the more expected Royal and other mid-tone blues. (It is sometimes called “Sapphire” by companies that sell bridesmaids dresses.) It is a color that can stand alone with just a mix of cream or white and perhaps a pop of black. Because it is so vibrant it can hold up well in a sunny, outdoor venue as shown in the photo of the bridesmaids below.
Cobalt Blue Wedding Color

Another unique wedding color that is a variation of traditional, beloved purple is Plum. Plum is a reddish-purple and is a dark, dramatic color that can work in just about any season, although it is particularly suited for autumn and winter. It can be paired with lighter hues as shown below or with a variety of other choices, too!  It’s especially fabulous with Olive, Gray or Orange!
Shades of Plum Wedding Color

Aqua is a greenish-blue color between turquoise and teal. If you love turquoise and teal you might want to go with a more unexpected color and choose aqua. It is sheer perfection for a beach wedding! You can use it with white or cream as shown below or add another color such as peach or pink. Aqua is a great color for a Shabby Chic wedding and creates a perfect Shabby Chic palette when paired with a shade of pink.
Aqua Wedding Color

If you are thinking about using a neutral metallic such as gold or silver, why not go with Copper instead! Copper is perfect for a fall wedding, since it looks particularly beautiful with colors of the fall season. You can pair it with greenery and also can add in a darker bronze.
Copper Wedding Color

Another neutral that is unexpected is Gray. You may be more familiar with couples using white or ivory as their neutral but as I tend to say, “Gray is the new neutral”. Gray can be used alone, as shown below or it can be paired perfectly with plum, yellow, green and coral, among others.
Gray Wedding Color Theme

Yellow may not seem that unusual to you but we usually see it as an accent color. For a unique palette, let Yellow serve as your main color. Lots of different looks can be created, depending on what you pair it with. For example, Yellow with Gray will create a much different vibe than Yellow with Pink (which surprisingly is a beautiful combination!)

Chartreuse is the ultimate in sophistication and uniqueness! And I admit that this is not a color for everyone. But when done right, it really is a wow! It is a vivid color halfway between Green and Yellow and its named for the yellow-green French liqueur. While technically, it can be paired with a variety of choices, including black, I absolutely love it with a true Purple or with a mid-tone, warm Gray.
Chartreuse Wedding Color

If you are thinking of Lime or Green Apple as your wedding color, you may want to take a look at Moss. Moss is probably a color that both you and your groom will feel comfortable with, especially if you love the outdoors! It lends itself really well to earthy accents such as sheet moss, grasses, branches, etc.
Moss Green Wedding Color Theme

Emerald is a unique green in that it has blue undertones. I often see a bright green that is called “Emerald” but it really needs the blue undertones to be a true Emerald green. Emerald pairs well with silver, white or cream and it is such a gorgeous color that it really works very well alone or with other shades of green.

~Collages created by Sher Silver – Exclusively Weddings

Click the collages to see the full size versions.

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Aqua – Shabby Chic Collage

Radiant Orchid Wedding
Emerald Wedding
Chartreuse Wedding
Copper Wedding

EW - blog product4

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26 thoughts on “10 Awesome Wedding Colors You Haven’t Thought Of

  1. Hello,
    so I am getting marked November 2016 at a vineyard. My colors are chartreus, and eggplant and gray, but I am not sure if I want light or dark gray. Of course I picked colors that are so hard to find. Could you help with these color options please


    • Hi Raven, I love your combination. Chartreuse and Gray is one of my favorite combinations. And the eggplant is a great addition. I think a shade of gray that is the same intensity as the chartreuse would work well. But you can include other shades of gray as well. Here are a couple photos that might help. They are not wedding-related but show the color well, I think.

      Best wishes!


  2. Hello, I’m beginning to plan my wedding for May 2017. I’ve chosen the colors of cobalt and gray/silver. Any ideas?? My venue will be off the water, so I am thinking the blue works great. Can you help me find other shades of blue that goes well with being near water??


    • Hi Nikki, Your colors sound lovely! Here are some links that I hope will help you in your planning.

      I did a search on Pinterst for “cobalt”. The photos are not wedding-related but they will help you see all of the combinations that work well with cobalt. You may want to bring in a bit of turquoise/teal as seen in these photos.

      I also created a cobalt and turquoise collage for you so you can see how it might look.

      Best wishes!


    • Hello! We have not seen many photos of Royal Blue and Charcoal. I need a lot of high quality photos in order to create a collage. I’ll be on the lookout! Best wishes!

      I did a search on Pinterest and here is the link for you. I hope they help!


  3. Hi my daughters wedding wl b on April 2016 I have thought of a theme aqua and matte gold combination can you show me a sample of this theme . Thank you


  4. i am getting married in June next year 2016 and i have thought of a theme which is red , gold and ivory can you show me any samples of this theme


    • Hi Shelly! There are lots of colors that would work for March. In fact just about any color will do. What will make it work is the tone of color. Do a search on the blog for “wedding colors” and you will find many posts with lots of photos and info about wedding colors to help you decide. Best wishes to you!



  5. Hi,
    Im getting married Sept 12th 2015 and our colors are light pink and white. He picked the colors! But I am struggling with centerpieces. The reception hall is all glass and its going to be an evening event so they said to go tall. I have searched pintrest alot and have found some neat stuff but still not the one my heart is set on and I feel like im behind! Please help.


  6. I am getting married August 7th in a small town with a small budget. You guys showcase beautiful weddings, but it’s for people with big budgets. What suggestions do you have for a teacher paying for her own wedding on a tiny budget? Colors are red and silver and theme is sweet romance. Sweet is because instead of cake we are doing cupcakes and romance because of the time of day and lots of candles.





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