I have to admit that I love winter. It says “cozy” to me and I think there is something romantic about the season, too. If you are having a winter wedding or thinking about it, here are five ideas that can set a winter wedding apart from any other.

Wintry Backdrop for Photography – When it’s cold and snowy outside, it can be the perfect time for romantic wedding photos! The photo below is one of my favorites. It just wouldn’t have the same appeal if it were shot on a bright green lawn! I love her jacket, the way she is holding her bouquet and the perfect snowy backdrop. By the way, my team and I searched the web trying to find the source for the photo but the one page that kept coming up apparently is no longer active. And I can’t help but wonder if it was from a professional photo shoot or from a real wedding!
Winter Wedding Photograph in Snow

More great wintry photos! Each one is fabulous in part because of the snow!
Winter Wedding Photos Outdoors
Blue Winter Wedding – Ingar Sørensen – Sørensen Foto, Oslo, Norway

Cozy Wrap to Wear with Your Gown – If you are having a winter wedding don’t forget to get a wrap of some kind to wear. As seen in the photos below, it can range from a sweater to cape to stole and more. The right wrap can enhance your bridal attire and look great in photos. Depending on the weather, you may also need gloves, too!
Winter Wedding Wraps

Boots for Snow/Ice/Rain – If having your ceremony indoors, your “regular” wedding shoes will be fine; but what about going to and from the ceremony? A pair of boots is the perfect solution. And if you plan this with your bridesmaids so that they wear boots, too, you will have lots of great photo opportunities. And of course, if your winter wedding is outdoors (yes, some couples do this) boots will probably be a necessity!

There are so many styles of boots that will work. Just choose something that suits your personal taste.
Winter Wedding Snow Boots

Candles With Winter Touches – Even though candles can work just fine all year long, in winter they are especially lovely and the season offers so many options for decorating with candles. In the photos below you can see cranberries, cinnamon sticks, and bark added to complement the candles. These winter touches are easy to include and they will enhance your décor.
Winter Wedding Candles

Winter-Themed Beverages – The winter season offers so many opportunities for creating special beverages for your guests. As shown in the collage below, a hot chocolate buffet/bar is perfect for the season as are luscious winter-themed cocktails and hot apple cider.
Winter Wedding Beverages

~ Collages created by Sher Silver.

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Winter Wedding Pinterest Board
Winter Wedding Accessories

UPDATE: The lovely bride in the first photo has given me information on the photographer. The perfect winter photo was shot by Rachel MacPhee from Haven Life and Photo.

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