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If you want to add a sunny pop of color to your wedding colors, you can’t go wrong with yellow!

I created nine collages, shown below, for you that include yellow. They range from the totally vibrant hot pink and yellow to the subtle and sophisticated grey and yellow.

Hot Tip: Be sure and add some actual lemons in your décor as it’s a creative and fun way to include yellow. You’ll find lemons included in the photos in several of the collages.

Be sure to click on the photos to see a huge, full-size version!

First up is just Yellow by itself for a tone-on-tone, all-yellow theme. It ends up with some natural pairings since no theme can be 100% in one color. The small amounts of green and white break up the color a bit.Yellow Wedding Color

Yellow and Pink is a vibrant combination that is perfect for spring and summer weddings. The tulip in the top left corner shows that Mother Nature knew what she was doing in creating the luscious yellow and pink tulip!Yellow and Pink Wedding Colors
In this Blue and Yellow collage I used a bright royal blue, which combines beautifully with yellow! However, you could use a darker navy for a more subdued palette.
Yellow and Royal Blue Wedding

Turquoise and Yellow is an especially appealing combination. There is just “something” about the contrast of the cool-tone turquoise with the warm yellow that absolutely works!Turquoise and Yellow Wedding Colors

Purple and Yellow is a fun combination! There are lots of colors that work with purple but you can’t beat yellow!
Purple and Yellow Wedding

If you love purple with yellow but want a more subtle palette, you may want to consider Lavender and a soft Yellow. This is a really beautiful combination! And of course you can made generous use of natural lavender and your wedding will have a lovely scent.Lavender-and-Yellow-Wedding

Since a Daisy theme is basically yellow with green I wanted to go ahead and include that in this post for you. Daisies are a natural if you want a yellow and green theme.Daisies Wedding Theme
And here’s a Green and Yellow theme that doesn’t include daisies and has a totally different look from the daisy collage above.Green and Yellow Wedding Colors
If you love yellow but want a subtle palette, you can’t go wrong with the sophisticated choice of Yellow and Gray.Yellow and Gray Wedding Colors

Be sure to click on the photos to see a huge, full-size version!

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