Purple Wedding Color – Combination Options

Purple is one of the most popular wedding colors of all time. We’ve had quite a few brides-to-be ask on our Facebook Page which colors will work with purple for their weddings. To help make it easier to choose a color to combine with purple, we’ve compiled all of our purple-themed color-story collages in to this blog post.

As you can see from the collages below, purple with silver can have a totally different “feel” than purple with red. So if you know you want purple, start there and then consider the 2nd color and its impact on the entire color theme.

There are even more possibilities than what we have shown here. We’ll add more collages as we complete them.

Please click the images below for the large, full-size view (opens in a new window).

We’ll start off with just purple … Shades of Purple. Purple is such a beautiful color that it can stand on its own if you want to make it all purple!



Peacock Colors for Wedding

Peacock Wedding Colors

Purple and Pink Wedding Colors

Purple and Orange Wedding Colors

Purple and Yellow Wedding


Purple and Gold Wedding Colors

Purple and Silver Wedding Colors


Collages created by Sher Silver – Exclusively Weddings

Please click the images for the large, full-size view (opens in a new window).

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About Sher Silver

Sher Silver has been active in the bridal industry for more than 25 years. She was on the Pace Communications’ team that launched Elegant Bride magazine and she served as its VP/General Manager. In 1991, she was asked to start up the Exclusively Weddings’ division for Pace and develop its catalog and product line of wedding accessories, favors and wedding party gifts. Once the original assortment of products was successful, she soon laid the groundwork for adding wedding invitations to Exclusively Weddings’ assortment. This included printing them in-house, so that exacting standards could be adhered to. She brought together an array of wedding invitation designs and price points that incorporated a mix of styles from classic to contemporary. Elegant and tasteful, these invitations set a fresh, new precedent in the industry and Exclusively Weddings continues to be known for offering invitations with both style and value. In addition, Sher has a passion for developing products that make it easier for brides to plan their weddings. She conceived, developed, and was editorial director of The Handbook of Wedding Invitations and the popular wedding planning system, The Organized Bride®. She has also created a wide variety of innovative, best-selling wedding products such as personalized wedding day totes for bridesmaids, Daddy’s Girl® frame, “To Dry Your Tears®” hanky for mother of the bride, personalized pouches for wedding rings, wedding welcome bags for out of town guests and more! Sher loves helping brides with questions they may have about their big day and providing valuable information and ideas to make wedding planning easier.

39 thoughts on “Purple Wedding Color – Combination Options

  1. Thank you for the article…I am planning a wedding with yellow, purple and grey. It is both dominant colors. Should I go with a white table cloth , yellow runner and purple serviettes. .


  2. I am helping a friend with her wedding. its a batman and catwoman them, but they want to use purple and blue as their colors. I am so scared that this will be a disaster with too many ideas they are trying to cram into one cohesive decor. Help! Any suggestion on how to keep the theme and add their colors without it looking horrible?


  3. Thank you for your wonderful work in providing us with such lovely collages to pull inspiration from. i’ve decided on Shades of purple, (to allow for possible shade variances from different vendors) White, with pops of Turquoise and silver. Do you feel there is an optimal ratio one should impose when decorating? i mean as a decorator is there a general guideline to make sure pops of colour stay pops, and it doesnt turn into a jumbled garish mass of colour?

    i was thinking along the lines of 30% purple, 40% white, 10% turquoise, 20% silver/”bling”

    im decorating myself, not employing a decorator or wedding planner lol other wise id just leave it in their hands.

    thank you in advance for your much appreciated help


    • Meaghan, Fist of all I want to thank you for your appreciation of my collages! I am just delighted that they were of help to you. I really do think your ratio sounds good. You’ve got your main color, purple, with neutrals of white and silver. Then your turquoise at 10% is your pop. It really sounds great! Very best wishes to you, Meaghan!



    • Hi Rebecca, yes, you can use hot pink with purple and white. In my collage I used softer versions of pink and purple but you can go brighter and be fine. Having the white is a good idea to help break up the colors. Best wishes!



  4. I have I want to combine mine and my grooms birthcolors together-purple(amethyst) and aqua blue(march) along with silver(we both love and suits jewelry of our liking) and as we are san antonio spurs fans who are in san antonio silver is their color as well as black for these reasons and many others these colors will be perfect for our special day of forever union but I was wondering if these 4colors would blend together into our ceremony and reception celebration and is 4 too many colors or should I limit it to only the 3 of purple blue and silver of which I have found out thrue research goes well is adding black(just a touch) too much?please give me some insight here as this day is of most importance…I must have my dream wedding that Ive wanted my whole life…all must b perfect..please…and any ideas on variety of ideas on using these various colors thrue out our special day would be greatly appreciated!!!..God bless u!!!…please email me comments [email address removed to protect privacy] as Im really looking for as much input as possible…thanks and God bless!!!


    • Hi Tyn, So you are asking about cherry red … purple … and turquoise as your combination. Take a look at some of my collages. I have a red and purple one and a red and turquoise and purple and turquoise. I like purple and turquoise as your main colors and then I think you could add pops of red here and there. If you love all three colors, I think if you focus on two of them and add the third as an accent, then I think you’ll be A-OK! Best wishes!


  5. My fiancé and I are having a beach wedding but purple is my favorite color and will be included in our decorations as well as my bridesmaids gowns.


  6. i want purple,black and gold for my wedding while my partner(fiance) wants black and white is it possible to combine all the four colours


    • Hi Mimnica, here is a link to the search results from a search I did for you on Pinterest. The seem to be quite a lot of photos of purple and red weddings that I hope will help you with ideas.

      Best wishes!
      ~Sher Silver


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