A New Twist on the Father-Daughter Wedding Dance

Father and daughter embrace after a fun dance.The Father-Daughter Wedding Dance has long been a part of wedding tradition. According to WedJ.com, the top 10 most popular father-daughter songs, compiled from actual requests are The Way you Look Tonight, My Girl, What a wonderful World, When you Say Nothing at All, How Sweet It Is, Unforgettable, My Wish, Tiny Dancer and Because You Loved Me.

I hate to be negative, but that turn on the dance floor by the father and his “little girl” can sometimes come across as a bit cheesy or sappy. Even though it often elicits sentimental tears from relatives and friends, it probably has been long overdue for some freshening up!

Well ….  lo and behold, it has happened!

Yes, there is a new trend in the father-daughter dance … it has gone from sappy to sensational … from wooden to wonderful … from affected to fun … well, you get the picture! Here’s how it goes: The dance starts off as they typically do with a slow dance to a sentimental tune; however, within a minute in to their dance, the music and dancing stops abruptly … the music goes from ballroom to something with a beat … and the fun begins!

A choreographed routine to such tunes as The Twist, YMCA, and Stayin’ Alive, brings out the fun-loving nature of both father and daughter! The best part is seeing the big hug between father and daughter at the end as they express their joy at their accomplishment. That embrace always makes me teary-eyed! Working on a dance routine together and then being so proud of themselves after presenting it, brings a father and daughter closer in ways a simple ballroom routine just can’t do!

P.S. Don’t tell the groom about it. Let it be a surprise for him, too!

Here are four videos of father-daughter wedding dances to give you some ideas of how to create your own:

Rustic Wedding – Is This Style For You?

Rustic Wedding 6For the bride and groom who just cannot picture themselves having a formal wedding or even a semi-formal affair, the Rustic Wedding, also called Country Chic, is an option that might fit perfectly.

There are several ways to give a wedding the natural, rustic feel but the choice of venue is most important and will set the tone for the entire event. It would be somewhat futile to try to pull off a rustic wedding/reception inside a grand ballroom,  even if the decorations were considered rustic. But lots of other venues will work just fine. Once you have the location chosen, the fun part is choosing  the decorations and accessories.

Elements of design that help make the wedding rustic include the, bride’s and attendants’ bouquets, aisle markers, ceremony chairs, wedding cake, buffet tables, centerpieces, menu, glassware, tableware, dining tables and chairs, flowers, and table decorations. Each of these elements plays a role in making the wedding rustic.

Rustic weddings often include pom poms, lanterns, twinkling lights, and wildflowers. In addition, the Mason jar is an item that is perfect for rustic weddings. This handy little jar has a myriad of uses including holding such varied items as beverages, flowers and votive candles.

Even though the rustic wedding may be somewhat more casual than other wedding styles, it still offers many opportunities for it to be beautifully created. I have chosen some photos from our Pinterest Rustic Wedding Board, to give you some ideas of how to make your own rustic wedding spectacular! Check out our Pinterest Boards for lots of photos to inspire you!

Rustic Wedding 1

Rustic Wedding 2

Aisle FlowersRustic Wedding 3

Rustic Wedding 4

Rustic Wedding 5

Country Chic Wedding

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Country Chic Collage:  Jamie Delaine, iStockphoto, Pinterest, Creative Reveries, Spotlight, Elizabeth Lloyd Photographer, Petite Reve Chocolates, MyKreations

For a “Wow Factor” at Your Reception – The Orchid Tree

Orchid Tree CenterpieceEveryone loves orchids! Many of us enjoy small plants in our homes, which we may have purchased for a modest price while grocery shopping. We also see them, of course, in stunning wedding bouquets and mothers’ corsages.

Lately, though, we are seeing Curly Willow branches and Manzanita trees decorated with orchids at wedding receptions.  These dazzling displays are used as centerpieces, on the escort/table card table or at the entrance to set the tone for a spectacular wedding reception.

You may be wondering how an orchid tree is created. Basically, it consists of orchids glued to Curly Willow branches or a Manzanita tree. If you want to make one or more yourself, it is a do-able DIY project. You can get the both these items from Koyal Wholesale.

If you do want to try making one yourself, florists say that they try to wait until the day of the wedding to glue the blooms, so they will remain fresh throughout the reception. They also suggest the option of putting each bloom in a water tube, which is then covered with moss or a Galax leaf. The Dendrobium orchid is the one most often used and the price can vary greatly depending on your own locale and, of course, how many blooms you use.

We have been seeing a lot of photos of Orchid Trees on Pinterest and we have an Orchid Trees for Wedding Receptions board devoted to this growing trend. We want to share some of the gorgeous designs with you here to give you ideas for own wedding.

This luscious orchid tree creatively displays the escort/table cards.
Orchid Tree with Hanging Cards 

With orchids “dripping” off the branches, it also incorporates crystals and candles for a spectacular effect.Orchid Tree With Candles

This design does not have a lot of orchids on it but it still makes a big
Pink Orchid Tree

This design is enhanced by the use of pebbles and
votives to give it a beachy feel.
Orchid Tree with Candles

This tree is absolutely covered in orchids! The rich green
moss adds to its visual impact.
Orchid Tree with Moss

Sitting on a bed of flowers, this orchid tree makes
a beautiful backdrop for the escort cards.
Orchid Tree

All photos from projectwedding.com except for the second one,  from austinweddingblog.com and the third one, bridalguide.com

Save-the-Date Cards … What’s Your Style?

Sophisticated Script Save the DateOnce you have your wedding date and place finalized, it’s time to start thinking about choosing your Save the Dates. If you are getting married over a holiday weekend or are having a destination wedding, it’s best to mail the Save the Dates about 8 months prior to the wedding; otherwise send about 6 months before the wedding.

Sending Save the Dates is the perfect way to let those on your guest list know your wedding details, so they can put your special date on their calendars, request time off of work, make travel plans, etc.

Save the Dates started to gain popularity about ten years’ ago and today about 90% of couples send them. They really are a convenient way to make sure those on your guest list don’t make other plans on your big day!

There is a lot of flexibility in the wording that you use on Save the Dates. You want to be sure, of course, to give the date and city/state of the wedding. You can add “formal invitation to follow” if you prefer. Also, you may want to add your wedding website address, so guests can get further details, such as the hotel information, far in advance.

The most important decision you’ll make regarding your Save the Dates is the style of the card itself. There are lots of style options from which to choose. It is entirely your choice whether you want to be consistent with the style and theme of your wedding. Also, some couples like to match the style and color of their wedding invitation, while others prefer to choose something that is the exact opposite!

Below are some examples of a variety of Save-the-Date styles. The first group shows casual and fun designs while the second group represents more formal choices.

Save the Date

Save the Date
Save-the-Date cards at Exclusively Weddings